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2 02, 2015

The gospel is only good news if …

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The gospel is only good news if it gets there in time.. - Carl F. H. Henry You are a Winner every time you Witness! When witnessing you are: Working with the Holy Spirit, not Him with you; He is doing most of the work. When we leave a person after sharing Christ with them, the Holy Spirit remains and deals with them. For this reason you are a winner every time you witness. You are working with the one whose power created the universe.

2 02, 2015

Nothing else but …

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""The Church exists for nothing else but to draw men into Christ ....God become man for no other purpose." - C.S.Lewis." - C.S.Lewis Many Christians fear that in being Christ's witness that they will not be able to convince people of their need of Him. A witness in court never has to convince the court regarding a verdict. All the witness has to do is honestly and clearly share their experience. The court then makes up its mind. Our duty is to honestly and clearly share our experience of Jesus. It's the Holy Spirit's job to convince people of their [...]

29 04, 2008

April 2008

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Ministry in Odessa, Ukraine I just thought I'd send a quick report to you in respect of the ministry I've just had in Ukraine. The flights were good and no luggage was lost - just a long wait of 5 hours at Kiev airport. The day coming back to UK was equally long with lengthy delays, but the Apostle Paul still had it rougher than we have. The first day of ministry in Odessa was exhausting but it bore great fruit. On the Saturday I had 6 hours of evangelism training with a large group of Ukrainian Christians that was [...]

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