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The seed of Smethurst Ministries was planted in 1972 when God called David Smethurst and his wife Margurita into ministry. This calling has taken them into churches, schools, youth groups, colleges, convents, military bases, prisons etc across the world including Africa, Australia, USA, Britain, Ireland, Latvia and other ex Soviet countries, Yugoslavia, Singapore, Malaysia, Iceland…

1988 saw the establishment of the Smethurst Ministries……. Read More >

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Dave and Margurita

Latest News:

House of Hope – Extensions – Roof Complete and Windows in – Rescue Missions

On Saturday 24th April, our Odessa manager, Peter Emelyanov, sent these amazing photos of the roof of the House of Hope all complete. The beige, smaller section of building in the foreground is the original two storey building. See how much bigger the whole building is now – built over the top of the original building and around it. The original building only covered 72 m² of space. The whole building with the new extensions (four storeys) covers 295 m² of land. Soon, as we finish the interior a section at a time, we’ll be taking in 50 to 70 [...]

May 3rd, 2021|

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Recent News

You may have noticed on the news lately that Russia is openly aiding the Russian Rebel Army in Eastern Ukraine, whereas in the past Russia said that it was not involved. You may remember some years ago I was conducting seminars for the military in Latvia and Ukraine, and many of the Ukrainian soldiers committed their lives to Jesus. Their morale was boosted, and they began to drive the Russian Rebel Army back almost out of the eastern province of [...]

April 6th, 2021|

We’ve started the Rescue Missions for the fourth time to help the Displaced Orphans and Destitute Families again, as well as reach more unreached people. The youngsters at the House of Hope have been preparing hundreds more Survival Packs with another 2,000 kgs of food supplies, hygiene products and basic medicines. We want you to know that the needy people of the Odessa Province are being greatly helped by your kind support. Over the last two weeks, the [...]

February 24th, 2021|

It's been such a blessing to train and equip many people in personal evangelism, in the Odessa region over the last 3 years. This has paid off with these humble local people leading so many effectively to Christ over the past 10 months. We recorded a Christmas video with an encouraging Christmas message based on how God chooses to use people in His service those who are weak, lonely, broken and discarded, like the youngsters and leaders at the [...]

December 26th, 2020|