2 02, 2015

The gospel is only good news if …

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The gospel is only good news if it gets there in time.. - Carl F. H. Henry You are a Winner every time you Witness! When witnessing you are: Working with the Holy Spirit, not Him with you; He is doing most of the work. When we leave a person after sharing Christ with them, the Holy Spirit remains and deals with them. For this reason you are a winner every time you witness. You are working with the one whose power created the universe.

13 10, 2014

Meet Veronika

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Here is our little Nica. Meet Veronika: a child abandoned by an alcoholic mother she barely knew and left in the care of her ailing grandmother. Maternal love was an alien feeling for her. She often felt worthless and a burden to everyone;that no one cared or loved her.  She was six years old when her grandmother started bringing her to the church for feeding. She was such a pretty girl. We would lovingly call her a ‘talking doll’. Her grandmother made use of Nica to acquire food, clothing and anything else on offer. When Nica was seven, her grandmother died and she was taken in by theelderly neighbors. A week later Nica’s mother, Tatiana, ended [...]

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