Delightful Wedding In an old historical Cape Cod Church

It was my privilege to help conduct a wedding for longstanding friends in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. John & Linda Christian married his childhood sweetheart LizzieAndrewski’s son, Christian married his childhood sweetheart Lizzie (Elizabeth Munafo). The wedding was held at the West Barnstable Congregational Church that dates back to 1616. It was a delightfully joyous occasion and during my address, that included a gospel challenge, a somewhat indifferent man shouted out “Amen” that jolted everyone. I sensed that a quite few people came closer to a faith in Jesus during that beautiful service.

The next morning it was a joy to preach two morning services at Living Hope Family Church in Hyannis, Cape Cod. The worship was magnificent and the presence of god touched many lives that morning. It was so good to catch up with longstanding friends including the Pastor Erik and Tami Eskelund.

Very Different Ministry in Brooklyn New York

The ministry in Brooklyn, New York was very different from what we imagined. There was a very surprising turn of events. Talk about flowing with changes, and being all things to all men, so that by all means we may save some, to quote the aging apostle Paul, who was about 65 when he wrote those words.

Craig, my colleague from Australia was with me and we did a lot of just hanging out with the people (African American) from the Exchange Center Church, in parks and coffee shops in downtown Brooklyn witnessing and sharing experiences with Jesus – and leading many to Christ. This is how this fellowship operates and the group grows daily. Wonderful and very relaxing.

The young guy (Deshaun) with the beard, across the table from me was quite suicidal yesterday morning. He had just come to the Lord when the photo was taken. He typed a text message prayer on Saturday morning about his rejection Dave with Deshuan across the tablefrom others and his deep depression and distress. His prayer was answered at 12 noon. Craig led a young couple to Jesus in a park later in the afternoon. Deshaun came to the meeting on Sunday morning at the Exchange Center and shared his troubled heart and how grateful he was for the caring witness and fellowship.

In a shop front next to a noisy Brooklyn Bridge (right in the “market place” where Jesus would be) we had a small Sunday midday service with 13 people. Four groups of strangers came in, listened for a while and then left to go on their way. The worship was sweet, with music from a Jewish keyboard player, a Russian young lady on the drums, and a young guy from Honduras on guitar. It was beautiful. During my message Craig gave the guitar player a massage for his injured wrist. Craig preached a very good message. I encouraged them to keep running the race, and if they fall, to get up and run again for Jesus. I showed them slides of the orphans we support and that touched them deeply. Rob Westmoreland is the pastor – big and full of love.

Pastor Rob said – “David and Craig have been the sent catalyst to bring empowerment, healing, restoration to The Exchange Center. We celebrate these vessels of God as our global tribe. We’ve had laughs, stories, good food and miracles this weekend.” We didn’t do very much. We were just in the right place at the right time. Thank you for your prayers which have caused us to be a blessing to these wonderful people.

Surprising results in New Jersey and Illinois.

I had a great school meeting at New Jersey United Christian Academy that I’ve spoken at for the last 5 years. New Jersey United Christian AcademyThey love the reports and photos of the orphans we support and my chaplaincy at the Olympics. There was great attention and respect from US, Korean and Nigerian students. They responded to the word with amazing enthusiasm.

In Bordentown, New Jersey two wonderful churches, Celebration Community Church and New Life Church, came together for a precious time of worship, prayer and the word. Their love for the Lord and each other was very evident. Craig shared his remarkable testimony of how he, a Jew, came to a commitment to Jesus just after the London Olympics when he literally begged me to lead him to his Messiah Yeshua. He shared how he leads an amazing group of people seeking Jesus, from the homeless culture, needy people on rehab from drugs and alcohol, and people with a criminal past, now on parole.

Craig and I then flew to Bloomington IL where another week of exciting ministry began. The Latter Rain Fellowship in Danville hosted a wonderful Sunday service where the presence of God was very evident. On the Monday evening Ken and Pan Cooley held there wonderful Missions Outreach Dinner attended by many wonderful people, pastors and leaders.

Jesus House, Bloomington.We very much enjoyed the meeting at Jesus House to the homeless and poor people of Bloomington. They are so emotional when they greet me, saying, “Do you remember you led me to Jesus 5 years ago, and now I’ve led these others to the Lord and we’re all serving Jesus together.” That is “pay day” for me to hear good news like that. The next day we met with a young man from Jesus House, for breakfast at a coffee house downtown Bloomington. There was a young lady, a stand up comedienne, talking with him when we arrived. She joined us for breakfast and before long as a result of Craig, Jonathan and me sharing Christ with her, she gave her life to Jesus. What a wonderful breakfast.

Thank you so much for your faithful prayers that caused this ministry to be so fruitful. The church fellowships were so encouraged to see people coming to Jesus in such a natural setting and causing the churches to grow.