Our Dear Friends
We trust that you are all well and enjoying God’s blessings at this time.
We continue to be humbled by your wonderful support that has helped us immensely to meet the needs of the destitute in Ukraine.

The Needs at Present

We are just about to admit more orphans into the Homeless Children’s Centre in Odessa. These precious children need food supplies, medicines, warm clothing, blankets, heating and fuel for the bus to transport them to school each day. Added to this are the vital renovations needed to the buildings to accommodate these extra orphans.

The local team in Odessa is rushing to complete the new extensions to the centre. We still need $5,000 to complete this vital project. This work includes pipes, fittings, connectors for the new heated floors, a sewage pump and a concrete floor screed, in addition to a voltage stabilizer, cables, boxes, meters, and the work of an qualified electrician to change the new connections to the main house.
The teenage boys in the centre are helping with the renovations under supervision of a local builder. This is saving a huge amount of money and the boys are learning a trade for the future. There will be a great need for skilled building labour for the rebuilding of Eastern Ukraine in the future.

Please stand with us in helping us to buy warm bedding for the disadvantaged orphans in Odessa, which they will need for the next three months of icy cold.

We are having to buy more supplies of medicines and supplements to fortify their immune systems so that they do more than just survive the winter months. Prices for this provisions have gone up as these necessary medications have become scarce due to the tensions in the region.

Added to this, we are trying to ensure the orphanages have adequate heating for the winter months and so supply them with fuel in advance. Some orphanages use electrical heating and we are trusting that the electrical power supply is not cut off if they can’t pay the heating bills, as has happened in year’s past. Many of the orphans are also in need of warm coats, as they have outgrown the smaller coats they have had before.


The monthly winter needs for the Homeless Children’s Centre amounts to $4,950 and we are struggling to meet this budget at present.
Please stand with us in prayer for these vital needs and help, if you are able.

Your Ongoing Prayer and Support

We want to thank you so much for your faithful prayers and partnership in the gospel. We would not be able to do this without your prayers and support.


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