Arranged by an Irish Methodist minister & his wife (Clifford and Ruth Taylor) whom I met when he was pastoring the Methodist Church in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. I conducted two missions in that church to people of that needy city in 1983-84. It was great meeting up with Denis and Marie Dowling. Denis had been the All-Ireland President of the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship in the 1980s. From 1982 to 1987 I was so privileged to travel to Ireland from South Africa every 6 months to minister the gospel in Catholic schools and parishes across Ireland and Northern Ireland.

The weekend in Ireland had 2 wonderful meetings – one in Kilkenny, Ireland to people who were not attending the organised churches but had come to Christ and were seeking to know him more intimately. It was a great encouragement, just sitting around sharing experiences with Jesus and edifying each other.

The other meeting was in Newry, Northern Ireland—an informal church fellowship where I encouraged them to be even more fruitful in their service to the needy around them.

dealOn my last Sunday in UK, I had the privilege of preaching at the Deal Pentecostal Church, near Dover. What a terrific church of people who are enthusiastic for Jesus. It was delightful to encourage them to keep shining for Jesus in their community.