We’ve started the Rescue Missions for the fourth time to help the Displaced Orphans and Destitute Families again, as well as reach more unreached people. The youngsters at the House of Hope have been preparing hundreds more Survival Packs with another 2,000 kgs of food supplies, hygiene products and basic medicines.

We want you to know that the needy people of the Odessa Province are being greatly helped by your kind support. Over the last two weeks, the orphans, homeless kids, and destitute families in a further 5 outlying villages  have been visited by our local teams, and have been supplied with Survival Packs. They have reached 160 needy more families and 447 orphans. We are still finding displaced orphans 10 months after commencing these Rescue Missions.

The mission to reach these needy children and families has exploded to amazing proportions. Up to this point, our local Rescue Teams in Odessa have visited 330 country villages in the Odessa Province and reached nearly 8,000 needy orphans who were evicted from their Orphanage Boarding Schools in the pandemic lockdowns. Our local teams have given out 5,000 Survival Packs to many hundreds of needy families and 4,000 picture Bibles to poor children and families who have just received Jesus and are reading the Word for the first time. What a time of harvesting into the Kingdom of God the last ten months has been!

House of Hope Team

This is the wonderful, dedicated group of leaders and homeless kids living in the old section of the House of Hope who are undertaking the Rescue Missions to the villages of the Odessa Province.

Do you remember some months back that the newly converted youngsters at the House of Hope started working together on my “Venture into God’s Word” Bible course to help new believers begin to run the race for Jesus? I have just heard that the youngsters finished the course and the pastoral leaders, Peter and Vitaly, thought it would be important for them to embrace the grace of God and dedicate themselves to walk in his ways.

They had a series of evening services that were amazingly blessed. Every one of them gave their lives to serve Jesus and were wonderfully filled with Holy Spirit in those meetings. That thrills my heart immensely. They are now even better equipped to carry out these Rescue Missions and minister to the orphans and destitute people.

House of Hope Building Work

The building work on the four storey extensions to the House of Hope is going well, and the roof will be completed soon.
We’ve just had a big change to our budget to get the work completed sooner so that we can take in more homeless kids. We are standing ready to take in at least another 50 homeless children and get them out of the winter cold.

We learned a big lesson when we brought in unemployed qualified builders from the churches in western Ukraine. They were prepared to work for food and accommodation at the House of Hope, but they really burst ahead with productivity when we decided to pay them a small financial bonus in early January.

We’ve realised that to get the inside of the four storeys completed soon we’ll need to pay qualified builders to keep the work going consistently and according to council standards. We’ve just had 13 builders turn up and 3 more