I had a very busy but rewarding week, criss- crossing Latvia to various military bases. Comments have indicated that my seminars were very well received and the message seems to have been very timely. There were many looks of appreciation in soldiers’ eyes as the mes- sage entered their hearts. Time will tell as the word bears fruit in their lives.

The first seminar was to the Military Police and that’s normally the acid test as to whether I’ve hit the target or not. The message was well received. The 2 National Guard Bases that we visited that day received the strong challenge well. The following day we drove to the West Coast to the Naval Base at Liepaja.

On Wednesday we were at the Infantry School, the Military Supplies Unit, and the Military HQ. It was a busy day of traveling on roads that weren’t the best, but the message got planted in needy hearts seeking direction in life. Thursday saw us at the Air Force Base where we were warmly received. The next venue was amazing. The Riga City Police invited me to share my seminar at their downtown headquarters.

What an awesome privilege to have notable people at my seminar and receiving the message.

The next day we drove westward two hours to the town of Kuldiga to a wonderful reception by the com- mander and troops at that Military Base. In all we had driv- en over 2,200 km in five days sharing the good news with a lot of needy troops. While I was in Latvia my local team reported to me that the monthly visits to the Orphanages had gone well with the supplies of clothing blankets and provisions being received with great expectation from the children. Their ministry to the orphans is always well received by the children and staff.

The Kalkuni Orphanage at Daugavpils was overjoyed at the supplies and the treats our team delivered to them.

The Likumi Children’s Centre near Jekabpils was thrilled with the supply of educational materials that we were able to provide, as was the Spriditis Orphanage at Kemeri.

The Elizabetes Children’s Centre in Jelgava was particularly grateful for the supply of educational materials and provisions for the children’s well-being. These are precious children who deserve at least the basics of life to be healthy and grow in a childlike faith in Jesus.

Thank you for your prayers, support and your partnership in the gospel. We want to make this Christmas Season a very special time of focus on the Lord Jesus and a time of joy in their needy lives.