Gardene is a former USSR military-base remote country village in Latvia. The population of the area is less than 2000 people, majority of which lives below the poverty line.

A small Evangelical Church with Pastor Marija in charge is reaching out to local community and running feeding center for poor kids. Over 50 kids come to the center daily for their only hot meal a day. Life has never been easy for this small village and the feeding program is struggling to meet its daily challenge to provide food.

Remarkably the Lord has sustained the program for the last twenty years. It was nothing other than walk of faith.

The church, whose members are 90% elderly people, has been able to survive through many ups and downs. Scraping their income to pay for groceries which come to at least 300 euros per month, 70 euros pay the cook (who is there every day), 120 euros for electricity and 30 euros for water – a huge load for congregation of mainly 30 elderly people.

Smethurst Ministries has been helping this feeding center for decades. Your gifts have gone as an investment into the future development of these precious kids, and they will never forget it – and neither will God.

But another humongous challenge today is WINTER. The temperature dropped below minus 25C which is a great burden for their heating budget. This winter they have already gone 700 euros into the red for the heating budget, and this is only beginning of the real cold winter.

Please keep them in prayer. They are people of faith and prayer and they look to the Lord daily. But even the strong in faith are desperate for help which we are committed to give them.