As a result of our recent ministry into Ukraine & Latvia we have found human needs beyond our imagination. There is a huge section of society that has been widely neglected by government and local councils.

Orphanages and Homeless People’s needs.

As you know we are supporting many orphanages in Eastern Europe, that have endured another horrendous winter. As a result, there are needs that still have to be met for the children’s well-being. We have the glaring opportunity to help but lack the funds to meet these needs.

Health needs, supplements, vitamins and special needs – like children needing regular epilepsy medication. There are needs of so many orphans in Eastern Europe, like disadvantaged children and those needing school requisites to resume their education that has been disrupted for 3 years.

The Orphans Summer Camps begin very soon and we are desperately short of funds. Your kind gifts will go a long way to meet these children’s spiritual needs, cause them to grow in faith, and give them confidence and hope for the future.

Sports Activities for Homeless and Street children – Here’s where the sports activities bring the children out of hiding and into a unity with other children and our local helpers. The soccer training and gym classes teach homeless children disciplines and teamwork

English language classes – to prepare needy children to find better jobs after they leave the orphanage at 18.

Computer classes – to give the children skills to make their way in the workforce

Management classes – how to plan personally for their future and how to budget their finances.

For the Girls –training on how to be a good mother and classes on how to cook for their children.

Half-way Houses for orphans leaving the orphanages and to find them accommodation while they are looking for work.

War victims and orphans in Eastern Ukraine have medical, dental and schooling needs and other essentials.

Elderly people’s homes – These destitute people are mainly neglected by the government and there are great needs there.

We’re not just planning for this – we’re doing it already but find ourselves in big need of funds to manage and increase our structures and purchase more supplies for the needy.

Meeting their needs opens the doors to minister the gospel into people’s hearts. We’ve seen that again and again over the years.

Please pray and help us if you are able. We don’t want to disappoint these broken people who are so open to the gospel and ready to receive and follow Jesus.

If you would like to make a donation, you may do so by sending a cheque to the address at the foot of the page or safely donate online through this link “Donate Now” and complete the donation submission using your credit card or via PayPal.

Thank you so much for your wonderful partnership in the gospel.

Dave & Margurita Smethurst