House of Hope, Odessa, residents and team

The House of Hope in Odessa accommodates homeless kids and orphans. It is headed by Ps Petr Emelyanov and team and not only provides a home for the kids but also seeks to guide them in their education and training for their life ahead. Many of the children have given their lives to our Lord through the Word and the love that they have received whilst at the house. Petr and team also seek to influence the community around the house through activities open to all children.

We received the following budget from Petr with this message:
“We appreciate your prayers and support immensely. With many humble thanks. Petr Emelyanov”

Every month they spend about $600 for groceries (0.75$ per day per person).600
Utilities cost – water & electricity550
The House of Hope has 8 old cars, which are being used for the ministry in orphanages and refugee center.
Unfortunately most of the cars are from the old Soviet era and are costly to maintain.
   One of the biggest expenses is fuel. Taking children to from schools and church1,100
   We continue to seek God for better cars, because monthly maintenance costs are up to1,500
We are moving along with first stage of renovation and preparing for winter, The building materials budget is2000
Medical needs, and medical treatment for the kids and clothing, school1,200
Heating bills (through winter)350
Total current monthly budget7300

Some of the kids and team members building the kitchen and dining room
Some of the “kids” and team members building the kitchen and dining room area.

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