Brain Damaged Babies Orphanage in Odessa, Ukraine

Portable RespiratorThe great news is that we have been able to supply and install a Portable Respirator to help these Mucous Suction Machinedisadvantaged little children with malformed lungs breathe normally when their lungs aren’t functioning properly.

In addition, we were able to provide the vitally necessary Mucous Suction Machine that these children desperately need when their lungs block up with mucous and they can suffocate. They are noisy machines but do their work thoroughly.

Verticalizer ChairWe have recently placed the order with the supplier in Poland for the Verticalizer Chair for little childrenA young baby in care costing $3,500, so that they can begin their motor coordination rehab at a much younger age, to have their bodies exercised each day. A lot of these children are seriously handicapped in that their brains don’t function properly to cause the limbs to move. These verticalizer chairs move the children’s bodies, and train the children’s brains to function properly, so that they eventually are doing the movements them-selves. It’s brilliant how these chairs have produced such wonderful results in these precious children.

Orphans Camps in Latvia

Camps in LatviaPlease will you pray for the orphans we support in Latvia. They’ve come out of a severe winter Camps in Latviainto a warm summer. We are providing summer camps for them to give them recreation, exercise, good food, fun, as well as build their faith in God and His word. In years past we have seen amazing miracles take place in their relationships with young people from the city youth groups. When the orphans leave their orphanages at 18, they are normally invited by their city friends to stay with them while they search for jobs in the city. This has been most successful in the past, and for some a stepping-stone for work somewhere else in Europe. They are all given children’s pictorial Bibles, which they treasure. Please pray for the finances for these camps. We’d appreciate that immensely.

Homeless Kids at the House of Hope in Odessa

The Orphans and Homeless Children at the House of Hope are typified by this little girl named Anastasia from Kiev. She was a rejected little girl. She was not welcomed into life with a smile or a mother’s love. Even as she grew, she didn’t know what it what it was to be cuddled or comforted. She was despised. Her early years were desolate and forsaken. She would eat when she could find food on the streets. She felt more secure being outside the house in her hiding places than she did at home. Each night she would crawl into the house hoping to stay unnoticed by yet another strange male “visitor” who came to be “entertained” by her mother.
She learned to be a “ghost” child. She would sneak out of the house before sunrise and come as late as possible. She became very good at staying unnoticed.
towards a new homePastor Vitaly of the House of Hope was driving from Kiev with his wife when he got a phone call from one of the Kiev pastors. “There is a little girl, Anastasia – her mother wants to get rid of her. Maybe you can take her.”
Vitaly quickly dialed the number, “This is Vitaly. We would like to help you with your child.” As he was trying to find the right words, the mother answered, “Sure, come and fetch her, if you need her!”
Turning around, they made the hundreds of kilometres return journey. When they arrived at the address, Anastasia and her mother stood with her passport ready. She didn’t have anything to take with her.
hopeA few months passed, and just like a little flower, placed in the environment of love, Anastasia bloomed with happiness and laughter. She is now a happy little girl, living in the House of Hope. She is catching up with her schooling and improving in health. Above all she has embraced the love of Jesus that brought her to this place of security, where she has dreams of a good future.
Anastasia has her life ahead of her. There are many challenges and obstacles still to be over-come, but one thing is certain, she was introduced to an environment of love and she quickly learned to respond to it. Just like many others in the House of Hope family she justifies its name – the House of Hope!

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future” – Jeremiah 29:11.

Thank you for making HOPE arise for these precious children. Please keep us in prayer as we are extending the House of Hope

House of Hope Extensions & Renovations

The digging commencesRegarding the Extensions for the House of Hope in Odessa, we thought we were nearing the completion of the new rooms for The heavy equipment