In early October, the Friday night Fellowship Meeting at John & Linda Andrewski’s home in Mashpee, Cape Cod, was joined by the Yarmouth Ladies Bible Study Group, led by Pat Greene. Linda, Pat and these precious ladies had knitted many little baby blankets, scarves, beanies and little jackets for the orphans and brain-damaged babies of Odessa, Ukraine. They had brought these articles to the Home Meeting to be packed in a huge suitcase for me to take to Odessa in early November. The fellowship was very precious and the message on leaving a legacy for generations after ours was encouragingly received.

The blessing of this Friday night was carried over to Sunday morning at the Living Hope Family Church, Hyannis, Cape Cod, led by Erik and Tami Eskelund. The worship was precious, and the congregation embraced the message on “A Nation changing Revival sent from the Heart of God”.

I had few wonderful days of fellowship in Hingham, near Boston, visiting my old friends, Ron, Terri and John Golding, dear people who were mightily used God over many decades to lead people to Christ and help them to become disciples of the Lord Jesus.

I then flew to Florida and enjoyed catching up with family and friends. I was privileged to minister at the River of Life Church, Merritt Island FL led by Mark and Becky Berney. What a beautiful Sunday service of worship, and honouring God and His servants.

The following Sunday it was a joy to minister at the large Park Avenue Baptist Church, Titusville FL and to have fellowship with their new pastor, Steve Yuke and his delightful family. This wonderful congregation whom I’ve known for about 15 years, is committed to working as a team to advance the Kingdom of God. God does choose individuals, at times, to begin and spearhead a project, but it always takes a team, like a local church, to provide combined talents and abilities [more than one person ever has] to make a far bigger, life changing impact on the community. This church is moving powerfully in that way.

I then flew to the UK to link up with our children and granddaughter. After a couple of days rest, my granddaughter, Niamh, and I flew to Düsseldorf, Western Germany, to catch up with my Russian manager, Sasha and his wonderful family, to minister to the Russian and local Jews in Düsseldorf and Cologne. Many of these dear people are eventually traveling on to reside in Israel. It’s our privilege to help them draw closer to their Messiah Yeshua and equip them in evangelism. They have been influencing fellow Jews as well as other Middle Eastern refugees to embrace the Messiah as well. The Sunday messages tended to be very prophetic for many who had become “comfortable” at their temporary oasis and needed to rouse themselves to move on with their journey to the “promised land”. The analogy of Abraham leaving Ur of the Chaldees for a “promised land” to which God would guide him, only to get delayed in Haran for 11 years (until his father died), seemed to fit many of these Jewish pilgrim’s situations. Please pray for them that barriers will be removed for them to move on to their ultimate destination.

On Sunday November 3rd I drive to Central London to minister to the Salvation Chinese Church in a combined service for Mandarin & Cantonese speaking believers at 12 noon at St Margaret Patten Anglican Church, near Tower Bridge, London.
On Tuesday November 5th my manager, Sasha and I fly to Odessa, Ukraine to minister to the Orphans & Homeless Kids at the House of Hope, and check on the health of the brain damaged baby orphans before the next icy winter sets in. We are being joined by long-standing friends, Dr. Brian and Jacqui Collings of Perth, Western Australia, who have had a long-term interest the Orphans and Homeless Kids of Odessa.

Please pray for the funds we’ll need to fulfil our budgets for the children’s health and the urgent completion of the extensions to the House of Hope (Homeless Kids and Orphans Centre) in Odessa, Ukraine.

On Sunday 10 November is my privilege to speak at the morning service of the Deal Pentecostal Church, near Dover in Kent. Pastor Paul and Margaret Fermor are long-standing friends over 20 years.

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Thank you so much for your wonderful partnership in the gospel.

Dave & Margurita Smethurst