We have had two very busy and powerful weeks of camps. So far we have had two camps back to back. The Children’s Camp and the Teenager’s Camp with over a hundred people in each. Now we have two days break before another camp which is due to start Friday night! It would be wonderful to catch up with a little sleep and other things which have had to go on hold during these weeks.

There are no words to describe our gratitude and thankfulness for your support towards these camps. When I see how powerfully and graciously God moves among these children as they are giving their hearts to the Lord, embracing Him as personal Savior and dedicating their lives to serve Him – my heart is so overjoyed and yet very humbled.

God has been pouring out His Spirit and His love upon them, to heal their deep wounds of rejection and betrayal. Many of them came from horrendous backgrounds where they’ve seen no love and no sense of family unity. Here we have seen them experience the love of Jesus through prayer, worship and personal ministry as they opened their hearts to Him. They were so receptive to God’s love.

During one of these truly unique tent meetings I was standing at the back of the tent quietly praying for each one of these kids. Then I  called to mind some of their stories. In spite of coming from such diverse backgrounds and carrying hurts from the past, here they were together worshipping Jesus in one accord, in childlike faith.

Richard is one of them, he comes from a background of great pain and atrocities. He shares 10m room with his mother and 4 other siblings. Sleeping on the floor of the little kitchenette, in nothing but filth. His only warm meal is in our feeding center, if he can get there in time.

I asked him about the camp and he simply said. “Being here is like being taken to heaven. I could have never thought that someone in this world can treat me with love. I was born again here and have begun to see things differently. Born into the Family of God that I have never dreamed of!”

He received his new clothes, new friends and one of the leaders changed his look by giving him a stylish haircut.  He dreams big! He wants to bring changes to this world! One more life that has been changed because of the camp!

Anna – used to live hiding in garbage cans! Another life that has been changed!

Janis – lost his father and had to help his mother to survive fighting for everyday life.

One by one, their stories began to come to my remembrance. All of them had one thing in common – they all were once lost in a world of pain – forsaken, unwanted, hated and despised by everyone! With no hope for better life!

We cannot thank you enough, what words can truly describe the salvation these kids have experienced. Thank you so much for loving them and for making a way for them to encounter Jesus!