The first day of seminars to the Latvian military was amazing. The weather was very cold but no snow, thank God.Latvian military It is amazing that this miraculous door to the Baltic Troops has stayed open for so long – 5 years. On this first day we travelled 260 kms. On these long hops between bases we stop for refreshment breaks and to plan the strategy at the next base.

I enjoyed three outreach seminars to the military police, the army headquarters and the air force base (that was a particularly excellent attendance). It’s not difficult in a crowd like that to see different emotions surfacing as the word of God touched their hearts. Being prepared for active service is a reality in the lives of these troops as they prepare for anything that could happen on their own borders at this time. It’s an awesome climate in which to bring people to Jesus.

We arrived in Aluksne on the NE border with Estonia & Russia, in very cold weather. As we parked the military car at the Army Motel it started snowing – not hard but small flakes falling – at the beginning of spring! The next morning I had a session to a local high school in Aluksne that prepares their students, boys and girls, for the military. I was amazed at the attention, respect and discipline shown by the students aged 16 to 18. After lunch I had a seminar to the older guys of the National Guard and the base staff. After the evening meal I gave my seminar to the new intake of young troops. These young men and women were a new intake to the military and were open to the gospel.

As I considered the wonderful opportunities I’ve had over five years to do motivational and destinyforming seminars as well as present the gospel to the NATO forces, I realised that it’s amazing that this miraculous door has stayed open so long. God has also opened doors into the police precincts along the eastern border with Russia, where I was midweek.

I really appreciated your prayers with all the driving down the eastern border with Russia to Rezekne and Daugavpils where I had National Guard Basesseminars with the National Guard Bases there. This is where the older troops guard the border with Russia. After that we had a three hour drive back to Riga.

On Thursday drove 1.5 hours west to Saldus to the National Guard and the Bomb Disposal Unit. We always get a huge welcome and wonderful hospitality from the commander and the troops there.

Liepa-ja Military BaseAfter that we drove another 1.5 hours to the Naval Base at Liepaja, where the staff and officers attended my seminar. Half an hour later we drove to the Liepaja Military Base for another hour long seminar. Friday had one morning seminar to the National Defence Academy new recruit cadets in Riga. A large group attended this meeting. So many committed their lives