As we have said in our post for the Ukraine orphans really need urgent help for the Orphans of Latvia and Ukraine in their great need at this very cold zzj Grishkovtsy orphanage atime of the year in Ukraine and Latvia. The current temperatures average around -20C (-4F) horrendous, and many orphanages have been penalised for exceeding their electricity usage. We desperately need to meet those heating bills otherwise the power may be cut off. Please help us if you are able.

See my seperate report for Ukraine.

In Latvia the needs are the same, but the orphanages are more widely spread. The effort our local team makes to get the food, bedding, clothes, nappies, vitamins and medicines to them takes longer, but the young people on our zzz Kalkuni Orphanage Christmas 94team are really dedicated to the Lord and this ministry, that they always deliver the goods and the gospel faithfully.
We really thank you for your kindness and generosity. God bless you for your obedience to Him, and send you harvests of blessings for these wonderful seeds you have sown into these needy children’s lives.
Six 18 year old Orphans need to do a Special Driving Course to get jobs

When orphans approach 18 they have to prepare to leave their Orphanage the w Spriditis Orphanage Dec 2015 bnext summer. They also need to have a sense of destiny and an idea of what work vocation they’d like to follow. Some of these orphans don’t have a clue or any motivation regarding work at all. Most have come from backgrounds where there has been no incentive to improve. We have to help them to get a vision of what they can do other than just survive by getting into prostitution.

There are 6 older orphans (all from the very first orphanage I started supporting in Latvia in 1993 – Spriditis Orphanage) who have to leave the orphanage in June this year. We are putting them all through a special driving course (480 euros ($750) each) from which they could get good jobs anywhere in the EU as drivers/couriers for an embassy or airline. I’d love to see them succeed, get married and have their own children, and thus break the cycle of being an orphan. Please pray for them and help us if you are able – their names are Ingus, Aleksey, Aleksander, Janis, and also two girls, Inese and Jekaterina.

Thank you for your kindness and partnership in the Gospel,