Greetings from Odessa, Ukraine at present. I trust that you are all well and enjoying God’s rich blessings at this time.

Bless you for your wonderful support that has helped has helped us immensely to meet the needs of the orphans and disadvantaged babies of Ukraine at this time.

My managers have just been calling out this past week for supplies for the huge needs that have arisen – for example, I was urgently asked to provide adult size nappies for an 18-year-old handicapped orphan boy, Petr, who was born without genitals and needs to wear nappies permanently. When I asked why I wasn’t notified before about this need, the orphanage director said they were embarrassed to ask in case I was repulsed by this “grotesque” request and might stop supporting this special orphanage of disadvantaged kids. I said I would never do that, and needed to know all the needs like this one.
The needs (personal as well as educational needs) poured in to me after that. I’m struggling to keep up now.

I would greatly appreciate your prayers as I, and my manager, Sasha, are already in Ukraine and visiting the orphanages, homeless kids and refugee centres. I praise God for these amazing openings to bring more needy people to Jesus.

Sasha and I were in Lviv and Kovel, Western Ukraine this last weekend conducting Evangelism Training Seminars for an Assemblies of God church and some smaller fellowships, attended by ex-prisoners and poor people who have nothing else to give the public but the gospel of Jesus Christ – and that’s everything. We were very tired as a result of all the travelling – 3 flights to get there and then 4 hours of travelling by road, then straight into seminars. The people were desperately hungry and soaked up the equipping seminars. I realise these people would get busy increasing God’s kingdom immediately. We then drove the 4 hours back to Lviv to minister in a small Assemblies of God church on Sunday morning which was desperately hungry to win people to Jesus.

This morning (Monday) we flew from Lviv to Kiev and then to Odessa. Flying as a fiasco – you get shoved around, jostled and kept in a waiting pen for a long time before boarding aeroplanes, but it is par for the course to get around this nation.

We are in Odessa now and over the next few days will be –

Meeting with Orphans of this region and meeting the lady official who is responsible for all the orphanage in the area.

Outreach meetings with Refugees from ravaged Eastern Ukraine, talking about their destiny.
Meeting with the lady Deputy Mayor of Odessa, who is a Muay-Thai kickboxing champion. We will visit and minister to a Thai kickboxing club.

Visiting the children’s cancer ward of a hospital and ministering to the staff.

Meeting with President of the Rugby Federation and doing an outreach seminar to the Ukrainian Rugby Team.

All this in the next three days.

We want to thank you so much for your wonderful friendship and partnership in the gospel. We pray that God will honour the seeds you have sown into so many needy lives.