These people are worthy of attention and support.

In years past they were the backbone of the nation. These were the hard workers who supported the economy. These are the people who worked hard and smart to provide for their families and make sure their children grew up to a better life than they had. These are the stalwarts who stood as strongly as they could against the Nazi regime and the oppression of Communism – for most of their lives.

They kept the faith when it was easy to compromise, and made sure their children and grandchildren have the anchor of faith that they enjoy today.

These are the real heroes who have been neglected by the present-day social system and are struggling. They are lonely and dejected, and they need to be recognised for who they are and what they’ve done.

We want to support them to live out their lives with dignity and respect.

Please stand with us in supporting them, so that they will have the strength and resilience to keep the light of Christ shining brightly