kolnI had the blessing of our granddaughter Niamh accompany me to Cologne in mid-September where we had glorious meetings with these Russian Jews. On Friday and Saturday, the four sessions of teaching and equipping in Evangelism, in the power of the Holy Spirit to reach the unchurched, went exceptionally well.

kolnOn Sunday afternoon we enjoyed a very sweet service with the Russian Jewish people. Pastors from three other churches were there too, who’d had their services in the morning. They have invited me to their churches on the next visit to Cologne. These people brought family  members   and   friends   to the meeting and there was a wonderful response, with many coming to a vital faith the Lord Jesus. Praise the Lord for His kindness.

kolnNiamh did so well, working with me. The Russian teenagers gravitated to her, including the teenage children of my Russian manager, Sasha. They all got on well together.

kolnAs a result of the seminars on evangelism,  the Russian  Jewish  people began to look for opportunities to share their faith in the Messiah. Vera, Sasha’s wife, and another Russian lady visited a children’s cancer hospital  and  began  ministering  to  the families and the afflicted children. They began to share with a Muslim family whose child had cancer and gave them children’s Bibles. The Muslim family got so excited and for an hour just listened to the Bible stories. They gave this family Bibles of their own to take home. An amazing ministry has begun there.