I flew from London Gatwick airport to Alesund, Western Norway and then enjoyed an incredibly picturesque drive around the fiords to Molde for an amazing three meetings.

The first was an evangelistic meeting through a local church. some 60 unchurched teenagersThe second was an amazing meeting attended by some 60 unchurched teenagers who were playing loud, physical games when I arrived at 10pm. They were called to attention by their leaders, and to my amazement, paid attention and respect as I shared my personal testimony of my relationship with Jesus. Many of them responded to my challenge to receive and follow Christ. Others went to their leaders for counselling.

The next night saw a combined churches meeting on the power and a combined churches meetingpresence of the Holy Spirit flowing through us, to win the lost to Christ. The people were hungry to hear how the gifts of the Holy Spirit could operate through us to win the lost to Christ.