We trust that you are enjoying God’s blessings in this wonderful Christmas season. Thank you so much for your wonderful support and your kind gifts through the year to help us care for the orphans in their times of need.

It’s Christmas time and also a very snowy and icy-cold time of the year. We want to make the Christmas season as happy as possible for all these needy orphans of Eastern Europe, and your giving goes a long way to help in that situation. There are heating bills to be paid, medicines and vitamins to be supplied, and Christmas gifts and hampers to be provided. The children love to receive educational and study materials as Christmas presents that will help them to grow in knowledge. We’ve been supplying a lot of fresh vegetables to the orphanages in order to provide a healthy diet for the children at the start of the winter.

We are running very short of funds right now. Please pray with us to be able to give these precious children a very joyful Christmas season with gifts, treats and a warm meal.  God bless you and send you harvests of blessings for the wonderful seeds you have sown into these needy children’s lives.

Thank you for your great friendship and partnership in the Gospel. We trust you’ll have a blessed, peaceful and safe Christmas.

Dave and Margurita