narrogin agricutural schoolIn August, I had an amazingly fruitful week of ministry in the Wagin/Narrogin farming region of Western Australia. Arriving on Wednesday evening I had an amazing meeting to 120 students of the Narrogin Agricultural High School (near Wagin) arranged by the School Chaplain. I had supper with the students and staff and shared one of my seminars “Don’t Quit when life gets tough” – with a visual PPT presentation. There was a wonderful response.

dumbleyung primaryThe next day I was at the Dumbleyung Primary School (near Wagin) where I showed them a Power- Point presentation of the Orphans of Eastern Europe, and then let them ask questions. These junior schoolers were wonderful, from the 3 youngsters who helped me very accurately with their media system to the rest of the children who were marvellously attentive and responsive.

That evening it was a pleasure to attend a Wagin Church home group meeting in my hosts’ home, Ian and Liz Pederick. We had a wonderful time sharing together.

The next morning being Friday, I went with my host to the Wagin Primary School to fellowship with the school chaplain and outside helpers, by assisting them to butter toast and provide a breakfast snack for many of the children who didn’t have breakfast. Actually, I thought I’d been invited to breakfast. I sat down and asked for marmalade with my toast. Then I was told, “You’ve been brought here to prepare breakfast for the children. Now get on with buttering all the toast!” It was said very nicely so how could I refuse.

woodanillingIn the evening the uniting Church pastor, Stephen van Schalkwyk, drove me to Woodanilling, a small town nearby, to speak to the small Youth Group of wonderful teenagers. The message was, “finding your destiny and staying with it”. At the end I led the group in a prayer of commitment to Christ, and many came to me afterwards and said they had prayed the prayer with me. We then enjoyed a birthday party for one of the boys afterwards. That was a very fruitful evening indeed.

On the Saturday morning it was a great privilege to share with the men of the area at a Mighty Men’s Breakfast at Belmont Park, Wagin. These guys were committed to Jesus, to serve Him in their area, and were doing so as bright lights on the region and lighting the way for many men to come to Christ.

Straight after the men’s breakfast, it was a joy to minister at an Aglow meeting at the Wagin CWA Hall. The presence of the Holy Spirit was wonderful and graciously touched many lives present. The worship was very sweet and drew many into God’s presence. I had great liberty ministering God’s word to the people attending.lamb shank cafe

That evening the Wagin Uniting Church hosted a terrific Outreach Dinner in the local Lamb Shank Café with a wonderful crowd.

The Sunday morning service in the Wagin Uniting Church, led by Pas-tor Stephen van Schalkwyk, started with a wonderful time of fellowship and worship. It was a pleasure and privilege to minister the Word of God, in the light of Jesus’ commission for us to share the gospel with people around us with what may be the only understandable opportunity people may have to hear the good news and be saved. Great news indeed. Who knows that someone with whom we share the message may turn out to be a world reformer – and we had the privilege of bringing them to Jesus.

darkanOn the Monday afternoon I drove to the little country town of Darkan to speak at the Darkan School Assembly and to share the orphan’s presentation with all the students, teachers and some parents. The response from the children was excellent as they saw the situation of needy children in Eastern Europe. I trust that made them appreciate the blessing of what they had in their education.

That evening my host, Ian Pederick drove me to the town of Katanning to speak at the Rotary Club. It was an evening of fun and fellowship at a meal with businessmen of the town who really seemed to enjoy my presentation on the orphans whom we support in Eastern Europe, and the military, navy and air force that I minister to in those regions, as a result of supporting

On my last day in the region my host, Liz Pederick drove me eastward to the town of Lake Grace where I had ministered the churches some 20 years ago and saw a wonderful outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the people in the Uniting, Anglican and Catholic Church.