Life is really simple. But we insist on making it complicated  (Confucius)

Life is made up of choices Our hectic professional & personal lives are our choosing.

Most of us go through life focusing on –

  • Conquering the next mountain
  • Making the next deal
  • Running the next errand
  • Knowing we’ll never have enough time to get it all done

Yet there is all the time in the world if we realize we are the creators of the life we choose. Think about itLife is a series of choices, and being free from stress is one of those choices. If our work and personal life is so complicated and over busy – we have chosen this system of chaos. We become so busy trying to do all the things we have chosen.

But we often forget that the greatest achievements have come from the simplest of ideas We’ve got to slow down long enough to see through the clutter & mess

Here are some valuable guidelines to simplify your life. As you listen make a decision to live with less stress and get a clear sense of your unique purpose in life.

  • Give your stress wings Let it fly away

Rule # 1 – Seek the real Goal

“Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things”   (Robert Brault)

Most of us operate by “to do lists” but this rushing around stops us from seeing the big picture of what life is about. We need to take time out to find the real purpose we are searching for in life

Look for the Missing Goal

With all the busy activities in life, what is missing – what are you really looking for?

In the confusing forest of so many activities where you can’t see where you’re going, look for that vital issue that will nourish you and bring you long term fulfilment pleasure

* Write it down and pursue it

Stop and think about this issue. Take it to the Lord in prayer. Then make the right decisions.

God bless you.