27 08, 2000

Paralympics 2000. Part 3

2016-10-14T11:49:36+11:00August 27th, 2000|

One morning, as I entered the Village, I realised I hadn't met anyone from Lebanon. I prayed a quick prayer, "Lord please lead me to the Lebanese team." Then in the day's busyness I forgot about it. Later having lunch I decided to fly the desert, which I normally didn't do. I then sat in a different place to enjoy the desert. I noticed an attractive middle-aged lady sitting about three tables away. She smiled. picked up her food and came and sat at my table. I thought, "Dear Lord, I hope this is not a 'pick up'. I can [...]

26 08, 2000

Paralympics 2000. Part 2

2015-10-07T16:52:50+11:00August 26th, 2000|

Riding the shuttle bus one day, I met the Kenyan team. They asked me to help them off with their wheelchairs. I ended up wheeling them to the dining hall. Someone took this photo which they all asked for. They ended up committing their lives to Jesus. One day I watched an athlete trying out a new artificial running leg. He was running very fast. Then I noticed he had only one arm as well. You know, your whole centre of gravity and balance changes with a leg and an arm missing. His coach told me that before he lost [...]

25 08, 2000

Paralympics 2000. Part 1

2016-10-14T11:49:36+11:00August 25th, 2000|

The South African team were a colourful group. I had an amazing access to this team. I walked into their official briefing meeting and asked the manager, in the Afrikaans language, if I could address them. They took one look at my uniform and the clerical collar and said yes. I first greeted them in the Afrikaans language, then spoke to them in Zulu, the most widely spoken Black language,and then English. They were amazed. I invited them to stop me anywhere, anytime and talk. So many took advantage of that offer and received Christ as a result. The world [...]

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