24 11, 2014

Please stand with us in prayer and support

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Please stand with us in prayer and support for these needy children in Latvia and Ukraine during a 5 month winter of snow and ice, the current temperatures are ranging between O and minus 10 or so Celcius. Thank you for your wonderful friendship and help over the years, for all the orphans we support in Eastern Europe, especially the Homeless Children and Orphans of Ukraine. We are always touched by your concern and compassion. I just thought to let you know the situation of some of our operations in Ukraine at the moment. This has happened very suddenly in [...]

18 08, 2013

Harvest Time

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2013 July Australia Newsletter Anastasia’s Story Anastasia Semyonova is 15. She came to our centre in Riga, Latvia three years ago in desperate need of food and clothing, as well as to attend Children’s Church classes. She gave her life to Jesus but is very much an introvert. She lives with her grandmother, who does not have much interest in her. Anastasia is a very frail girl. She has fine bone fractures probably due to the lack of good nutrition or perhaps caused by a bone disease. Just recently she broke her leg and arrived on crutches to receive food. [...]

5 06, 2013

Anna’s Story

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Anna lives in Latvia, but she doesn’t have a real home. Her heart has no place to rest. She often finds herself in one place, and then another, and then somewhere else. Sometimes they stay with friends, but mostly they congregate with others just like them. Anna tags along behind her mother, a single parent in her fifties. They are homeless. The first time we saw Anna and her mom was about a year and a half ago. They asked for help with food and clothes. We gave them both. They stayed around for a while. We noticed that Anna [...]

29 11, 2009

November 2009 – Latvia Mission

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I trust you are well and enjoying God's blessings at this time. Thank you for your wonderful prayers, gifts and all the "seeds" of love and compassion that you sow into the needy lives we reach and help, especially the orphans. Bless you so much for your kindness and your wonderful help. We do appreciate you and your faithful prayers. I've just got back from a second visit to Latvia this year. I was there to check on the state of the orphans before the snows increase (it's snowing already and very cold). I also went to teach 28 hours [...]

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