20 08, 2004

Olympics 2004. Part 2

2016-10-14T11:49:36+11:00August 20th, 2004|

One day I was helping security at the Transport Mall, the entrance to the Olympic Village where the ahletes arrive back from events or practice, when the Greek water polo team arrived back from a game. Discussion arose about tactics of their game and they wondered that I knew about the game. Somebody asked, "What else do you do?"I was amazed how this opened opportunities to share spiritual things with them for a few precious minutes. Over the next hour I met up with the Australian water polo champion, Alexander Over the next hour I met up with the Australian [...]

15 08, 2004

Olympics 2004. Part 1

2016-10-14T11:49:36+11:00August 15th, 2004|

I was able to minister to so many athletes and officials in Athens. It was a delicate situation but what a harvest field. I found a lot of athletes with problems, to use as a point of contact. The long days in the Olympic Village were very hot, tiring days but very fruitful, with a lot of sharing the Lord with different people. I had to watch my step in the Olympic Village, as it was not only against Olympic law to "convert or proselytize", but it's against Greek law. The folk had to request help. A lot of chaplains [...]

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