Resources available for purchase

Teachings on DVD disc.

  • Reaching Your Friends for Jesus
  • Using the Gifts of the Holy Spirit to Evangelize
  • Winning Your Family to Christ
  • Being Led by the Spirit to Witness
  • Use Every Opportunity to Share Christ
  • An Expert Fisherman for Jesus
  • Fulfilling Your Destiny
  • Always Abound in Your Service for God
  • Do Something Great for God
  • An Obedient Witness at All Times
  • Running Your Own Unique Race
  • Let Your Light Shine
  • God has faith in you
  • Recognizing & Conducting your ministry
  • Getting your Breakthrough
  • Running your Race to Win
  • Be a Passionate Witness for Jesus
  • Be a Fanatic for Jesus

Contact Smethurst Ministries through our contact form detailing the DVD’s that you are interested in and the shipping address, we will then let you know the costs and how to pay.