House of Hope

We trust that you are well and keeping safe at this time. We want to thank you for your very effective prayers and support for the Rooms nearly completedimmense lifesaving and soul-saving projects in which we are involved in Ukraine at this time.

We want to thank you for your friendship and bless you for your continued prayers and support for the House of Hope and all the children accommodated there. There will be many more taken care of in the months and years to come.

Rescue Missions and Survival Packs

packing survival bagsschool supplies

The youngsters at the House of Hope have been preparing Survival packs of food, medicines, and hygiene products for other orphans we are still supporting, the homeless kids, the poor widows, and the poor of the Odessa Province. The Rescue Missions to the remote villages will continue right through Christmas and into the cold new year.

Petrfirewood deliveryPeter, our Odessa manager, has such a good heart and a lot of energy and capacity for caring for the homeless children and the building work. Please pray for him. We have planned our budgets as well as we can so that we can see a completion date for the building in December. We are praying that the winter snows will hold off and are trying to budget for the building work and the builders’ wages to go on through January.

another firewood deliveryelderly villagerWe also have to juggle available funds between the building project, builders’ wages, firewood and food for the orphans, the poor and elderly, and the top-priority rescue missions where hundreds are still coming to the Lord.
Then we are trying to provide for the children who are getting back to school and providing the orphans and poor families with Bibles. We’ve just acquired a new consignment of picture Bibles for these needy children and families.

The Poor and Troubled of the Odessa Villages

successful delivery of survival bag
babushkaThis babushka is 86. When Peter came to visit with her for the first time, several weeks ago, she was bed-ridden and wasn’t able to do anything. They prayed together, and Peter gave her a Bible and essential food.
Then this occurred a month later: she said that she started to read the Bible, and more she read the more rejuvenated she became. She started to move a little, then more and more. Now, she is a walking testimony to neighbours who cannot believe she is walking, as well as doing gardening and housework the whole day.

A very troubled young boy

young boy with Petr

He is from a very poor family. He lives with his mother, 35, who does not know how to read or write. She works in a number of helping the need of another familyplaces, but when she gets her money, she doesn’t know how to calculate it. She goes to the local store where people know her. She shows them how much money she has and the salesperson shows her what she can buy with that money – unbelievable in today’s world of knowledge and technology.

young boyBut the horrifying thing is that he has tried to commit suicide five times. There were different reasons for that– some of these might have been manipulative acts. Peter has tried to build a friendship with the boy. The boy has such deep pain inside him. He hates his father who left them and went off with his aunt. They live in the same village, and he gets to see his father often, but his father has another family and another son, whom he loves and takes care of. Being poorest of the poor, he is being bullied at school.

Brother and sister in trouble

young girl with temporary speech impairmentbrother and sisterThis young girl has a speech impediment caused by a shock. She hasn’t spoken for a long time. Her brother had been raped severely since he was 10 and is living in trauma.

Peter, our manager, was able to get more of the necessary documents needed to help them medically and help the girl be confident to speak again, but we need the funds to pay for the medical treatment. They’ll both be in the House of Hope soon.

Please continue to stand with us in prayer and support for these desperately needy children.

Love and blessings,

           Dave & Margurita

“The love of Christ compels us.”