Great Harvests in USA

In mid April I had a very blessed week of ministry in Bloomington, Illinois, arranged by Steve and Janet Eddington. First up I had a meeting for the students at the local university Fusion Campus Fellowship. That was precious, with a great hunger from the guys and girls there. They were so open to the worship and the ministry of the Word. I had the privilege of ministering at some wonderful churches here like the House of Prayer and West Twin Grove Christian Church. Ken and Pam Cooley arranged a wonderful Mission’s Dinner in Ogden IL, where the people have a huge passion for missions. I had a wonderful evening of ministry at the Jesus House Coffee Shop where a lot of hurting and needy people hang out. They were very sweet and appreciated the ministry. These people here realize their need to evangelize and want to learn how to bring many to Jesus.
I flew next to New Jersey where the New Jerusalem Church in Hightstown NJ (near Princeton) arranged a wonderful few days of ministry hosted by Pastor Doug Linser. I had a great time sharing with their youth at a Laser Park games center – teenagers came to the Lord that night. After a very sweet Sunday service I had three nights of meetings one the subject of “Destiny – find it before your time runs out”. A local School opened their doors to me to share at their assembly to show them what we were doing to help the Orphans, and my chaplaincy at the Beijing Olympics. What wonderful attention they gave to the gospel. They said it was the best assembly they’d ever had.
I had a wonderful time CityChurch in Williamsport PA with Larry and Debbie Stout (past missionaries in Latvia). Larry is leading a great church there. I had a wonderful breakfast with the leaders of the City Church, then an open meeting for other churches on Saturday evening, and a tremendous Sunday morning service where the Holy Spirit moved very prophetically and people came to the Lord. I praise the Lord for His goodness.

I had an exciting time in Tampa Florida for 10 days where I was ministering at Rodney and Adonica Howard-Browne’s “Calling all Evangelists” Conference in Brandon (Many were touched deeply to share Jesus with others more accurately. Many were won to Christ that week as a result. We trained teams of around 100 to go out in choreographed teams each afternoon to the nursing homes, shopping mall, hotels, and on the streets to share Jesus with people. About 4,000 were told the way of salvation, and around 3,000 decisions were registered, in six days. Now the churches are doing the follow up. This is such a different situation as opposed to keeping the glory of the Holy Spirit indoors away from the people in every day life. Many have been sharing amazing testimonies of God’s touch on their lives.
Then I enjoyed a great Sunday outreach at the River of Life Church in Merritt Island FL to a full church. Many came to the Lord as a result. My last weekend in the USA was ministering at the Park Avenue Baptist Church in Titusville FL for their annual mission’s weekend. What a hunger there was for reaching people on foreign and local missions. Needy souls came to the Lord in the two services.
My dear friends, Ron and Terri Golding of Hingham, Massachusetts hosted me for four days and very graciously drove me around, especially to visit longstanding friends at Cape Cod, Bill and Jayne Condon who have been a great help to me in this ministry. In Mashpee, Massachusetts a group of precious friends met together at the home of John & Linda Andrewski for a sweet time of fellowship and ministry. In fact the ministry flowed from questions that the people asked in order to get direction and have needs met – all so relevant.
A wonderfully spontaneous meeting took place one Saturday in Cocoa, Florida as a result of Bill and Jayne Condon’s instigation. This was led by Nick and Dorothy Mount of Overlook Missions (to those homeless and rejected people who are overlooked by most of society). I was invited at about an hours notice to share the word of God with these needy people while they ate the food provided by a wonderful group of compassionate people. Many of these needy souls came to Jesus that day.

Sweet Ministry in Holland

Hosted by Ps Johan and Corinna Spies, the ministry at the One Way to God Mission Church in Veenendaal (east of Amsterdam) was very precious. They embraced the word of grace very firmly and committed themselves to obey God’s call to reach the lost and needy with a new sense of urgency and accuracy.

Wonderful Ministry in England

It was great getting together with our two daughters, Deborah and Rooth and granddaughter, Niamh, and our son, Paul.
My first weekend of ministry in UK was in Royston, Hertfordshire. Pastors Paul and Ruth Brown of Trinity Life Church hosted me for a wonderful Sunday service that was exceptionally blessed. The congregation was very lively and responsive, especially the “disadvantaged” young people who arrived in wheelchairs. They were very vocal in agreement with the word of God.
The next Sunday saw a great meeting at the Deal Pentecostal Church near Dover in Kent, pastored by Paul and Margaret Fermor. The worship was wonderful and these precious people responded in a very lively fashion to the prophetic challenge from God’s word.

World Masters Games in Sydney

About two years ago I registered for the World Masters Games in Sydney in October. I am swimming, playing water polo and maybe throwing the discus. The reason I got involved here was that I met the veterans at the Athens Olympics and they said they didn’t have chaplains. I felt the Lord saying, “If you want to win them, join them.” So I have been back in swimming training for quite a while. The World Masters Games are October 8-18th. I’d appreciate your prayers, especially for the souls I’ll be able to bring to Jesus.