The Openness of the Athletes

As the Olympics are coming to an end the athletes are far more relaxed and open to relax, talk and receive the message of Christ. Those that received medals are euphoric while those that did not are dejected and some have expressed suicidal tendencies. I have a number of sessions with athletes in the latter situation especially from the African and Slavic nations. This Nigerian delegation at a church service soaked up the encouragement and hope for their future.

Mara from Latvia

As I was checking into the Olympic Park for some events at the Birdsnest Olympic Stadium I asked directions from a tall young lady volunteer with an Australian accent. I noticed that her name was Mara. I asked her if she was Latvian, to which she replied that she was, and how did I know. I mentioned that I’d had over 30 mercy missions to Latvia in the past 16 years. She asked why, and that opened a glorious “Pandora’s Box” of opportunity to tell her why I was at the Olympics and was able to share Jesus with this young lady.

Adrian & Corne from South Africa

In the very crowded Olympic Super Store in the Olympic Park I met this delightful couple, Adrian and Corne – athletes from Johannesburg, in fact living very near where we once lived. We shared reminiscences of old South Africa days and what is happening in the country now. Then the conversation shifted to the Olympics and what our team was doing – counselling and helping people into a relationship with Jesus. They were a very caring couple. Adrian conducts sports camps for the African young people to give them some purpose and dignity in life. They were so interested in the ministry of the Gospel we were incorporating in our counselling of athletes.

Child Care Centres

It was a great privilege to be taken by friends to see two child care centres in Beijing. The places were clean and well decorated and the directors and staff we so friendly.

I was impressed with the good organisation and programmes for the children’s wellbeing. I was shown into a film shoot with some of the children and met with and discussed filming strategies and the needs to focus on. They had heard that we supported 38 orphanages in Eastern Europe and wanted to know how we met vital needs of the children there. What blessing to be able to contribute something of value to the needy children of China.

Young Adults Meeting at the Beijing International Christian Fellowship

What a wonderful opportunity most of our team had in sharing our testimonies with a good number of young adults and teenagers at the Embassy Group at the Beijing International Christian Fellowship. Many prayed with me in the altar call prayer and the counseling went on for a long time afterwards with every team member being inundated with young people wanting advice and personal prayer for many different needs.

Farewell Dinner

We had a very special and emotional farewell dinner on the final Friday night of the Olympics, just to bless and affirm each team member for their part in God’s great plan at the Beijing Olympics. Sam and Sharon gave out special little gifts to each team member for their dedication to the Lord and to winning people to Christ in Beijing.

Thank you so much

A very special word of thanks to everyone who prayed for us and this vital ministry here. Bless you for your love, support and partnership in the gospel. God reward you immensely for all the “seeds” you have sown, with blessings and answers to your prayers beyond your wildest dreams. We love you.