Ministry in the Olympic Park

During the last week we’ve touched base with so many people who’ve been seeking God, and as a team we’ve just been in the right place at the right time(guided by the Holy Spirit) to reach these people. In McDonalds in the Olympic Park we saw a large group of children arrive wearing McDonald’s shirts. I walked up to one big man, an Australian from Brisbane, named Garth Cooper, and asked what this was about. He told me that McDonalds sponsored disprivileged children from all around the world to come to the Olympics, and he was one of the supervisors. Garth turned out to be a committed Christian from a Lutheran Church north of Brisbane. Then a tall South African man came by, the team leader, named Francois Naude from Cape Town. I greeted him in Afrikaans, and to his surprise he commented, “Your Afrikaans is excellent”. I was most surprised as it was not my first language. Anyway we shared Jesus together, and he gave me permission to talk with the children and the leaders from other countries. What a great opportunity to share the gospel in the Beijing Olympic Park with people who will take it across the world to their own nations.

Ministry at the Events

One of the days a few of us managed to acquire cheap tickets to the Boxing. It wasn’t a greatly exciting event but there we met Mrs Molefi, the First Secretary of the Kingdom of Lesotho in Southern Africa, sitting in front of me. I greeted her in Zulu (the most widely spoken African language in Southern Africa), her eyes lit up and the contact was made to share Jesus with her.

Evening with the Stars

This great even finally arrived. On the platform were Pastor and Mrs Jon & Cyndi Davis, Dr Sam & Sharon Mings and all the athletes of our team. The great event to which we invited so many athletes, ‘EVENING WITH THE STARS’ was hosted by Pastor Jon Davis of the Beijing International Christian Fellowship on Sunday afternoon August 17th.

Four-time Olympian, Madeline Manning was greatly anointed as she sang. Themost decorated Olympian ever – “OLYMPIAN OF THE CENTURY”, Carl Lewis, came and told about his Power Source – JESUS CHRIST. Carl shared his testimony of knowing and walking with Jesus, and gave a very powerful message on being loyal to Jesus no matter what the cost.

Carl is a very approachable man and even deigned to spend a bit of his valuable time with me.

A number of athletes on our team shared their experiences with Jesus in powerful style. The audience came to see the athletes and Carl Lewis with high expectations but Jesus “stole the show” and truly became the Star! The event began as “An Evening with the Stars” but it ended as “An Evening with the STAR!” Jesus grabbed every person’s attention in the audience.

There were many foreign guests and media people in attendance, and many local Chinese who had foreign ID cards arrived – about 900 in all. The altar call was amazing with people to pray to receive Christ whilst in their seats, and then making their way to tables to collect follow up literature and make known to a counsellor that they wanted to give their life to Christ. People from the Beijing International Christian Fellowship heard people praying the altar call prayer all around them and offered to counsel these seekers. One church member heard at least eight people praying and receiving Jesus around him.

TV crews from Russia, Germany, France, South Africa, Venezuela, Great Britain and China, as well as Radio networks from several nations recorded the unprecedented telecast on Athletes sharing their testimonies of their relationship with the true Star of the Olympics. His name is not Carl Lewis, nor Michael Phelps, nor Usain Bolt (the fastest man on earth). Each of them would tell you it is JESUS CHRIST. The TV reporter (in the photo) from France is Mark Owen from the UK.. Because I arranged the interview with Carl, he said to me “I owe you one.” I replied, “Come to Brighton and buy me a meal.” He said, “We’ll do it.” It’s going to me great sharing with that very sincere man.