Ministry in the Olympic Park

There are huge crowds in this area en route to the events every day. It’s been a wonderful place to stop and talk with them and share Jesus with them.

Four of us purchased day passes to enter the Olympic Park on Thursday, where all the Olympic shops and displays are, and the athletes hang out. We met and shared Jesus with so many athletes and their families from – New Zealand, Australia, Spain, Belarus, as well as many locals.

We met a South African man named Francois Naude and big Australian named Garth Cooper who are leading a contingent of McDonald’s kids – disprivileged children sponsored by McDonalds to come to the Olympics. Both Francois and Garth are committed Christians. It was great to share the Lord with some of the leaders from other countries.

I was walking through an Olympic goods super store in the Olympic Park when I saw a man with “USA Waterpolo” on his shirt. I approached him and asked if he played waterpolo. His name was John. To which he replied that he’d played for the USA in time past. I told him I played waterpolo in South Africa years ago. The conversation went on for a few minutes. Then I told him about the “Night with the Stars” and coming to hear Carl Lewis on Sunday afternoon. He agreed to come along. I then asked him if he had a relationship with Jesus, to which he said he had begun a search for God three years ago. I told him his search ended today. He prayed with me and received Jesus into his life.

Big Andre and I were walking along the “Walking Street” one evening. Huge crowds throng this street A crowd gathered around him as always, and as many came alongside him for photos, it was great to share the gospel with them personally and with small groups. This happens all the time. They are so hungry for the message of Jesus and the love of God.

I popped in to a leather clothing shop and the sales ladies eagerly gathered around asking questions as to where I was from and what I was doing in Beijing. All I had time for was a simple message which they soaked up.

This “walking street” has been a great place to meet and talk with athletes, officials, Olympic volunteers and locals. I spoke casually to a tired looking young man named Eric, one evening. I asked him where he came from. He said south of Chicago at the Illinois State University. I said I preached in that area often and had visited that campus. He asked if I was a minister and that opened a wonderful door to share Jesus with him.

Nett Knox has been ministering to the Russian athletes and gymnasts who are staying in the area where she is lodging. Nett is going into the Olympic Village on Saturday and will be sharing with a number of athletes

“Night with the Stars” with Carl Lewis

The planning of the program is going well, to arrange the great “Night with the Stars” on Sunday 17th at 2pm. We have a Rehearsal is at 10am on Saturday. The staff of the Beijing International Christian Fellowship has excelled in preparing for this program.
We have been handing out thousands of beautiful invitation cards to the people and athletes we meet and asking them to come along and enjoy a brilliant program that Dr. Sam Mings has choreographed, and meet Carl Lewis. Please pray for the athletes to come along and for many of them to come to the Lord.

Names of people who received ministry
John – a past waterpolo player from USA
Two Serbian athletes from Belgrade both named Dejan – touched by fact I support an orphanage of crippled and retarded children in Panceva, Serbia
Cathy & Jacob ministered to by Julia Petter
Victor – came to the Lord a few days go and was overjoyed to see us in McDonalds in the Olympic Park
David Lee – the name we gave him as we couldn’t say his Chinese name
Katty and Talisman – operating Chinese exhibits in the Olympic Park
Gina – led to the Lord by Nett Knox in the Olympic Store
Ivy – a very sweet Chinese girl who came to the Lord in the Olympic Park Super Store
Sarah, Candy, Bertha, Paloma & Sylvia – the McDonalds girls who came to the Lord at the Temple of Heaven last week. They were thrilled to see us again.
Samantha – brought to the Lord in the Olympic Park
Cindy – reached for the Lord in the shopping precinct of our apartment block
Jane – met at McDonalds in the Olympic Park and readily listened to the gospel
Judy – from Australia, a Catholic girl who radiated the love of Jesus
Gustavo & Alejandro two Mexican team officials – I enjoyed sharing the gospel with these two cheerful men
Vanessa – Nett had a delightful time sharing with this Chinese lady who had a cute little boy who kept wandering off into the crowd. Each time Vanessa retrieved him and came back for more good news.
Fang Yuan – volunteer worker at the Olympics (a friend of Ivy above) gladly received the gospel from us.

Urgent prayer please
Peter Zhao a Chinese young man living in USA – a great asset on our team has lost/mislaid his Chinese passport (with his USA visa in it). We desperately need to find it otherwise he has to get a temporary passport from the Chinese authorities and then get a visa reissued from the US. This all takes time and he may be delayed in leaving China on time with the rest of the team.