Ministry at Kentucky Fried Chicken for a quick meal. We ended up being there for over an hour with people coming up to us (drawn by Andre’s size) to ask for our autograph’s and talking with us about why we were in Beijing. There were great opportunities to share the Lord with them.

Walking on the Great Wall of China

Peter Zhao and I have been working together. He is Chinese now living in the USA, and is a huge blessing in being able to communicate with the local Chinese and translate for us. He is young man and very strong physically, a US football player. He’s a good man to have with you in his own culture here.

Dr Sam Mings, who heads up the Right Track 2008 Beijing Mission, and I have been having meetings with the Pastor of the large Beijing International Christian Fellowship to plan the amazing presentation of “The Meeting with the Stars” with Carl Lewis and other top athletes sharing their relationship with their Power Source, Jesus Christ. The BICF is arranging the advertising, the printing of great brochures and the choreography of the event for Sunday August 17th at 2.00 -3.30pm.

Please pray for:

  1. The Advertising to be ready in time and placed in all the right hands to reach athletes and officials, as well as the locals. The theatre we are using will hold about 1,500 people.
  2. The Chinese chaplain general in the Olympic Village, Pastor Wu, to allow and encourage the Chinese chaplains in the Village to distribute the advertising brochures to the athletes. This is permissible.
  3. That the Chinese authorities who have been notified of all of this will be in agreement – we operate on the system of “zero surprises” with the Chinese authorities who have been very gracious to us.
  4. The Salvation of thousands of athletes and locals through this event.
  5. The BICF and other churches to benefit from the new followers of Jesus to come into the fellowship of believers.
  6. You may remember that the Chinese authorities shut down our Pastoral Care Center before we arrived because they thought it was too great a security risk. We just had to abide by that decision but began praying for an alternative. Just two days ago an opportunity came about through Pastor Jon Davis of the BICF to use a facility at a large recreational center that is already drawing the athletes in. If that does not come to pass we can use the BICF church facilities. Ideally the recreational center would be better.

Some people to pray for who’ve been reached personally.

  1. Louis (17yrs) – from Australia – gave his life to Christ
  2. Yolanda – a student- wants to understand God more ——
  3. Peter – gave his life to Christ, but is hurting emotionally
  4. Junior, Odair, Regina, Lauciona, Lonildo, Rosoni, Conni, Amanda, Gilliard, Laciliai – part of a YWAM out reach, they need prayer for money and safety
  5. Cindy, a tour guide – gave her life to Christ on the Great Wall
  6. Three Australians from Brisbane – Trent, Scott & Alex (a young lady).
  7. Alexandra, Leon & Berkholds met outside McDonalds.
  8. Eric 16 yrs whom we met last week. His story appeared in the last report – he writes:

“This is the boy of 16, Eric speaking to you. How are you doing these days? I really had a nice experience on Aug. 4th with all of my new Brothers. We had a long walk and went to the Olympic shop. During the time, I felt reborn! Tired but happy, we went to the restaurant to celebrate my new “Birthday”. As you can see, I’m still poor in English. So please allow me to say another “Thank you”!

You asked me if I had a girlfriend. We’re not allowed to date with girls until we go to college around 20. It’s because of our country’s basic condition. China owns a fairly large population of 1.3 billion. So our country decided to conduct family planning policy. It encourages us to get married a little later, to have a baby later… So the first thing for us is to have girlfriends later.

Another reason for that is the three years for us in high school is the most important time in our life. Being a high school student can make us cleverer and braver. Before graduating from the high school we’ll have the college entrance exam. Without high scores we won’t have the chance to go to a key university.

To be honest, kids at my age hardly dislike making girlfriends. But every time I think about my future, I would rather study hard.

We’ve just had an exam called the high school entrance exam. It’s a little like the college one. I got a good result. And I got 119 in English exam out of 120. (Eric’s father is an English teacher).

Dave, would you mind telling me once again what we should say when praying in front of God? I’m sorry that I hardly remember the words. And could you please ask Grandpa David. (a 16 year old calls me grandpa…mmmmm) for his email address and send me our photos?

This is my first email to you, and I think I must have made many mistakes”. (No Eric you did just fine – Grandpa David Smethurst,).