South Africa Mission Report

I have just arrived back from a very fruitful time in South Africa. I was ministering in Johannesburg in two churches pastored by DJ McPhail, a man that I led to Jesus in a mission at his school in 1975 when he was14. It was a busy program but many people came to the Lord in the two churches in the three services each Sunday just for starters.

There were leaders and staff meetings, a district pastors meeting to challenge and equip the church, their Bible School, and a men’s outreach breakfast on the Saturday that was amazing. So many hungry guys came to the Lord. What a busy 8 days but the Kingdom of God has grown a lot.

Sewing Centres for African Women who have Aids

I also checked on Deborah’s two sewing projects to the African women who have Aids. The centres have crèches and feeding schemes for their children who are HIV positive.

The women have need of more sewing machines, cutting tables, chairs, some office furniture and a laptop computer. The numbers of women hungry to better themselves are growing. What a joy to see them coming to the Lord as well.

Please stand with us in prayer as we try to help meet these needs. If you are able to help financially in any way we would greatly appreciate that.