Ministry in Zambia

Back from Beijing and still running – short report from Dave:

“I am in Livingstone at present. The mission here has gone well with missionary training for locals as well as ministry in remote areas for groups of small local churches who are amazed that I’ve come so far to minister to them – you know, the normal amazement. I find that a great blessing and try to tell them that it’s all aboutbeing a servant and being obedient to God – just getting moving and coming to them.

Wednesday and Thursday of last week I had some twenty hours of flying, then on Friday we had four hours of tortuous driving on horrendous roads – craters instead of potholes (and 4 hours back) and were covered with red dust (actually my hair looked great with a reddish tinge), but the results were amazing. The young people were equally attentive as the adults were. I believe this ministry will continue to bear fruit for a long time to come. That’s the bottom line.

I had a great time training the local and overseas teams who are very hungry to learn how to reach the unchurched here, and care for them. That’s the purpose of my nephew, Philip Smethurst’s Overland Missions here.”