We want to thank you for your marvellous gifts, your tremendous Work at the House of Hopegenerosity and prayer for the House of Hope and all the children it is accommodating and protecting, and the many more it will take care of in the years to come. We are so encouraged by all that you have done/are doing for this project and these precious children.

House of Hope Building Work

One of the team at the House of Hope helping with the building workThe builders and the team at the House of Hope have smiles on their faces as they are working as speedily and accurately as they can to finish the building – hopefully by October – please pray for this.

In the last month they have been installing the electrical wiring, an intercom system, drainage systems, gas boilers and under floor Under floor heating being installedheating systems through the 4 floors. In the next month they will install the air conditioning system, vacuum cleaning system. Then come the final touches, furnishings, kitchenware and furniture. What a budgetary system. I’ve been constantly provoking them to think, and plan ahead – and keep me informed.

Our local team and the children have a sense of joy to know that someone special is partnering with them in this wonderful project. They know they couldn’t manage without you. What touches them is that God has noticed them and heard their cry for help. This has been a great object lesson for these needy people, the children as well, to know that God is noticing them when someone on the other side of the earth responds to meet their needs. This is a lesson they will never forget.

Rescue Missions

The Rescue Missions still go on and on, each week, and the local teams are still reaching and leading Meeting the needs of familiesto the Lord many orphans whom they’ve found living rough in the open, as well as many destitute families with needy children. They are still reaching remote villages in the Odessa Region and have recently distributed a further 90 survival packs to needy families and provided for 352 children – meaning that 442 people and children were led to Jesus and given picture Bibles. What an amazing on-going evangelistic crusade this hasbeen. It’s a great privilege to serve these needy people Meeting the needs of familiesand children, in Jesus’name

Peter has done an approximate count and found that they have led over 11,000 youngsters and adults to Jesus in the last 18 months and given them picture Bibles along with provisions and medicines. Its hard to tell how many more have been Meeting the needs of familiesled to Jesus by the newly saved village people who are sharing their food with their neighbours and reading to them from their Bibles. I didn’t expect that to happen, but they can’t wait for the teams to revisit them so they reach out to their poor neighbours themselves. That has to be the Lord’s prompting.

Taking in New Homeless Children

We’ve had some very good news with three new homeless boys being admitted to the House of Hope – please pray for their intergration. We’ll squeeze them in now, before the new extensions are completed. There are many more lined up and we’re now speeding ahead to getthe new dormitories ready for the new intake.

Please pray with us for the speedy and smooth completion of all the legalities and formalities that lead to the successful of the transfer of these children to the House of Hope.

Baby Orphanage

You have been so generous in your gifts for the orphans, the homeless children, the precious disadvantaged Babies and Children, and the youngsters who are suffering in the Children’s Cancer Hospital.

We are so encouraged by your generosity for these needy children and for your amazing compassion. We’ve always been persuaded that it’s compassion that releases blessing, healing and the supply that meets huge needs in this world. Thank you for the healing you have brought to so many hurting children.

Destitute & Sick Old People.

Supporting the elderly

Because of our record of supporting Orphans, Homeless Children and Disadvantaged Babies over many years, we’ve been asked by the Social Welfare Services if we could provide non-perishable food and basic medicines for the Supporting the elderlydestitute and sick elderly people in the remote villages, and to pray with them and encourage them. What a privilege to be asked by local government authorities (who have very little provision in their budgets for Orphans or the Elderly – it’s the same in most of Eastern Europe). What a huge opportunity to lead the elderly to Jesus.



Thank you so much for your wonderful friendship and partnership in the gospel.Your investment is bearing huge fruit. God bless you richly.

Please continue to stand with us and pray for this amazingly fruitful work whichhas arisen out of this time of great need.


Love and blessings,
           Dave & Margurita
“The love of Christ compels us.”