This was my first ministry back in Rhodesia (before it became Zimbabwe in 1980). I was invited by Youth for Christ in Bulawayo to conduct two weeks of ministry in schools, military bases, churches and youth fellowships and that included a four day long weekend camp for about 100 teenagers.

The main highlights were that these teenagers were hungry for God and wanted to know His will for their lives. There was a lot of terrorist activity in the country and urban areas, where you sometimes feared for your life where a bomb could be exploded in a supermarket. Driving to military bases in schools in country regions there was the risk of RPG attacks. This made you seek God in prayer to know his will in going into a danger area or not. This was also prevalent in parts of South Africa and began to increase in the late 1970s and 1980s.

The worship at the camp meetings was very precious that bought a wonderful presence of the Holy Spirit. At the first meeting I preach the gospel and shed my testimony and about 14 receive the Lord. At the next early morning prayer-meeting one guy prayed, “Lord, challenge us at this camp and give us strong meat from your word to strengthen our lives.” I thought, “All right, if you want strong meat, I will give you some challenges from God’s word.”

The messages that time on were – “Doing God’s will for matter what the cost”; “Dare to be different – like Daniel in the old Testament”; “Crossing the Point of no return (dying to self and living for Christ) – where you never go back to be the same again”. The altar calls were crowded with young people repenting and making deep commitments to the Lord.

I revisited that area every year for another seven years, and saw those teenagers grow into mighty men and woman of God, and great leaders in that country and other countries they moved to in later years – like South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and some in the USA. Whenever I have caught up with them they testify that 1975 Camp was the turning point in their lives.

Over the first few months after that 1975 camp just recounting the stories to Margurita, Deborah, Paul and Ruth make me very emotional. I still feel very emotional right now looking about visitation from God that caused such long-term results.

Up to 1980 before the government changed with Robert Mugabe’s leadership, I was ministering in the military bases to thousands of troops who were protecting the country from terrorist attacks. Thousands were saved during that time. After 1980 when I visited those military bases again I was ministering to the ex-terrorists who were now the government forces. They were all broken, disillusioned and unhappy young men with their young families. They were promised a better future by their Marxist/Communist leaders, and now they worse than ever before. Their leaders couldn’t fulfil those promises of course. It was so easy to bring them to Christ and say He fulfils His promises.