It was a pleasure to minister once again to the Salvation for Chinese Church, in London. They have 2 services on a Sunday – a Mandarin service at 11 AM and a Cantonese service at 1:30 PM. Both are equally exciting with lively worship and wonderful attention to God’s word. The emphasis that Sunday was to in- struct and commission people for the discipling and training of children for present and future ministry.
The response was wonderful, and newcomers committed their lives to Jesus. I met the leaders of this community 25 years ago when they were starting off in ministry. They now have 3 congregations and are not only leading London residents to Christ but also sending out missionaries to China.

Again, it was a delight to minister to my friends at the Deal Pentecostal Church, near Dover in Kent. These are the sweetest people with an amazing zeal to serve God and reach their community for Jesus. Jesus is truly Lord in this community and the Word of God is their mandate for life.