Our ministry in Norway was immensely fruitful as a result of your faithful prayers., in both Trondheim and Molde (4 hour’s drive south of Trondheim). The Russian and Norwegian speaking people were greatly encouraged by the word of God, and the challenge to be brighter and more effective witnesses for Christ.

Niamh, our granddaughter, was a wonderful encour- agement to the young people, not only in the meetings but in personal interaction and fellowship. She was a great help to me as well.

The weather was beautiful, with clear blue skies in spite of the icy temperatures (around -10C) and snow on the ground. There were no snow falls to hinder our travel – thank the Lord for that.

Our Eastern European manager, Sasha Rodionov and his family, as well as a lot of Latvian
friends, now living in Trondheim and Molde, Norway, were thrilled at our visit and shared past blessings that prepared them for their ministries in Norway.

The opportunity for me to minister in Cologne, Germany did not materialise due to the local Russian Church not being able to plan far enough into April. However, Sasha ministered to that congregation in early March with great effect. Through Sasha’s regular visits to them, the congregation has trebled in size, with the people fellow- shipping and worshipping in wonderful unity. Their witness for Christ has had a definite effect on the community resulting in people coming to the Lord and numbers growing. The church is continuing to meet enthusiastically. An interesting fact is that 90% of that Russian speaking congregation is Jewish. I think God has great plans for that congregation to reach many more Jewish people for the Messiah.
Please pray with us for that emphasis.