News from the London 2012 Olympic Games

The day of the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games in London is rushing up on us and London is getting ready to meet thousands of athletes, team players and visitors.

I started my duties in the Olympic Village July 9th (after so many training sessions over the last couple of months) and have met many special people. I have been able to help them, including the team with whom I’m working.

I am helping the Belarus team at present as they arrive and settle in. I plan to ask them to have a special day, after the Olympic dust has settled, with the 22 orphanages that we support in the Chernobyl area of southern Belarus. It would be great to get all the teenagers together to meet their Olympic team who can bring their photographers and reporters with them to the event. That would look good on their Olympic profile and also give the 1,500 teenagers a very special time. Here is a Belarusian rower named Vadim who I helped in Athens. This is his third Olympics.


I met Miroslav, a Slovakian security guard and had a good time sharing Jesus with him. I sat next to Mihai, a Romanian film maker, on the train to the Olympic Village and had a great talk with him about his destiny. I’d really appreciate your prayers for these Games and the Paralympics too. Funds are low at present after all the recent missions, the ministry to the poor, the orphans’ camps and now the Olympics.