The Disadvantaged Children of Kalkuni Children’s Home in Daugavpils, Latvia

news from the fields – Latvia

It was such a joy to see these forgotten Kalkuni Handicapped Children enjoying their first trip ever from their country area to the capital city, Riga.

Last week we took a number of the handicapped children from the Kalkuni Children’s Home in Daugavpils to Riga. It was their prayer and dream to be able to do that. They had never been to capital, or to the zoo and or to the big Lido Buffet Restaurant. And who knows that might be their last chance to do so. We asked around in the orphanage to find out what would be their dream gift in term of toys – what would they love to have. We got the list of toys and bought each one of them the “dream of their heart”.

We hired a bus and drove them the four hours to Riga, then to the Zoo and the Lido, and then gave them their gifts. What a day it was. It was wonderful to see these children praising God for answering their prayers. The surprise on their faces to see the gifts was so touching and so emotional. God is so good to these little ones.

We stopped at a small kiosk in Mezapark that sold ice cream. One of the boys in a wheelchair asked the young ice cream seller for a drink and an ice cream. The young fellow tried to do his best to accommodate the request. It took a while. But after all was done, wheelchair boy looked at the worker’s eyes and said “You know you are a very kind fellow. God bless you!” the poor ice cream seller burst into tears.

Thank you for your wonderful investment in these needy children.

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Thank you so much for your kindness.

Dave Smethurst