The first of the Summer Camps in Latvia began with a wonderful burst of joy and enthusiasm at the campsite near Riga in Latvia.
There are 2 camps running back to back that have about 150 young people from the city youth groups coupled young teenage orphans who will strike up wonderful friendships. When the orphans leave their orphanages at 18 they are normally invited by their city friends to stay with them while they search for jobs in the city. This has been most successful in the past, and for some a stepping stone for work somewhere else in Europe.

The greatest blessing is that many of these young people make full on commitments to the Lord Jesus at these camps and build on that foundation for the rest of their lives. We are in the process of giving them Russian Bibles that they really treasure.

The youth camp of 83 youngsters near Odessa, Ukraine has just finished with so many being saved and filled with the Holy Spirit.

At these camps, their relationship with Jesus grows and we see many being healed of long-standing hurts caused by harmful and abusive circumstances in their lives. Each of the teenagers received a Bible of their own, many for the first time. They treasure them. They are seen reading their Bibles with great joy, in the early morning quiet times.

When our local teams visit the orphans every month at their orphanages, with Biblical concerts and inspiring meetings, they check on their spiritual progress and promote the children’s Bible reading program. This has been a great success. We see the children growing stronger in their witness for Christ and the teenagers receiving clarity on what they should do with their lives when they move into the workforce.

Well does the Scripture say,

“Your word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path” Psalm 119:105


Thank you so much for your investment in these precious young lives. God reward you with harvests of blessings, for the gracious seeds you sown into these young lives. Please continue to stand with us in prayer and support.
Dave & Margurita