Please stand with us in prayer and support for these needy children in Latvia and Ukraine during a 5 month winter of snow and ice, the current temperatures are ranging between O and minus 10 or so Celcius.

Thank you for your wonderful friendship and help over the years, for all the orphans we support in Eastern Europe, especially the Homeless Children and Orphans of Ukraine. We are always touched by your concern and compassion. I just thought to let you know the situation of some of our operations in Ukraine at the moment. This has happened very suddenly in the last week or so.

Our needs for the Homeless Children’s Center in Odessa where a building is desperately needed for:

  • A home for teenage orphans when they leave the orphanage and the homeless kids
  • A youth club called the “WE+ Center”

We have been working for many years to acquire a building in Odessa for the Homeless kids who have been rescued from living in the drains under the city through Oleg, our manager’s ministry. Our attempts to buy the building we have rented from the Odessa city council for around ten years now, have been denied. So Oleg has been looking around for another.Oleg, found a two storey building a few months ago that was under renovation and he and the Homeless Kids (many of them now the leaders in the new church Oleg planted in 2011) have been praying much for this building to be theirs to meet the needs.The Building Oleg found Within the visioning for the building is the provisioning of:

  • effective education programs for the homeless children to finish their schooling
  • work related programs for teenagers planning to leave the orphanages to get work
  • Halls for meetings and feeding programs
  • and much more inc the need for a minibus.  Up to now we have depended on costly rented transportation to get medicines and provisions to all the orphanages and move children around to summer camps and taking our youth to sports programs. From the experience gained we we see the need adequate and economical transport and costings show that owning a minibus will save us a lot of money and also give more opportunities to carry blankets, warm clothes, medicines to the orphanages and the poor. A suitable VW minibus costs $32,000 and can carry 19 people.

Oleg met the owner and negotiated the price down to $110,000. Oleg believes that another $15000 is needed to finish the renovations plus approx $3500 legal fees.
Now another man in the USA heard me speak somewhere years ago, and God touched his heart to try and do something about these forgotten children. Four years ago he visited Oleg in Odessa and was impressed with what was being done for these kids. He set about buying, renovating and selling old properties and pledged the profits to this project. I wondered how long this would take. In four years he made $100,000 and together with some friends has sent in the funds towards the purchase.

If you are led to stand with us in this, what I believe is a God Given opportunity,
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