While I was in Latvia I checked on a number of the Orphanages where they’d just come throughSpriditis a horrendous winter. Some of the children with low immune systems were still sick, but thank God we didn’t lose a child in the winter months, for which I am so grateful. Bless you for helping to make this possible.

Sasha, my manager contacted me to say there were six 17 year-old teenagers at the Spriditis Children’s Centre in Latvia who wanted to do driving courses at 480 Euro each to prepare them for the work force when they leave the orphanage at 18. The orphanage director had told them not to let their hopes get too high. One young man was desperately forlorn but we promised to try to get the funds in so that they can get this great driving diploma and have a better chance of getting a job. It’s given that young guy a lot of hope.

Likumi Children’s CentreIn addition the Likumi Children’s Centre contacted us and said the local government had just cancelled even the little bit of money they were giving for the maintenance of their buildings. The orphanage director was dis-traught that the childrens’ needs were piling up with no hope of support.

Summer Camp time for the orphans is coming up and is an exceptionally fruitful time with the children getting out into the fresh air as well as learning more from God’s word and deepening their relationship with Jesus. We have planned two summer camps with around a hun-dred orphan teenagers each, that we try to integrate with the city church youth. The city youth are mostly able to pay for themselves but the orphans needed to be sponsored. This is costly but it is worth it for their spiritual wellbeing, their future church life and their vocations. The teenage orphans learn how relate to the city young people and they develop friendships that prove to be very advantageous. When they leave the orphanages at 18 they are invited by the families of the city teenagers to stay with them and are better able to find jobs in the cities.

The orphan’s summer camps will be underway soon. So many of these needy children come to orphan's summer campsthe Lord in a deep way at these camps and their growth in the Lord is tremendous to see when we visit the orphanages at later times. Our local teams have reported amazing ventures of faith demonstrated by the orphans, like their own outreach missions to other orphanages in the area as well as to the local people in the market places. These camps are a huge investment in the lives and faith of the children especially when they come to experience God’s love for the first time and realise that they are no longer orphans but adopted into His forever family.

Please stand with us in prayer and support for these needy projects. We need about $8,000 at this stage.

God bless you richly and may God reward you in amazing ways for the seeds of compassion you have sown into our ministry and into the orphans’ needy lives.