House of Hope teamThank you so much for your kindness and generosity over the last three months.

Our local Rescue Teams in Odessa have visited 145 country villages in the Odessa Province and reached over 4,675 needy children who were evicted from their Orphanage Boarding Schools in the Covid-19 quarantine lockdown. This was more than 4,000 orphans than we started searching for. Our teams have given out 1,400 picture Bibles and 1,620 Survival Packs of food, basic medicine and hygiene products to the children and 1,510 destitute families with needy children.

I was stunned that they covered so much ground on horrendous roads in the present lockdown situation. The old vans have battled on horrendous roads with broken water pumps and burst passenger airbags. I have been amazed at the energy, creativity, patience and compassion that these rugged young men and homeless teenagers from the House of Hope (our Homeless Kids Centre) have shown to all these needy children and destitute people. They seem to be “driven by the Spirit” while the time is right, and the door is open for the Gospel through this mercy mission. Who knows what forces may close this effective door if we miss the opportunity?

Destitute families in more remote villages heard about our local team’s rescue missions, and have cried out, “Come over here and help us too. No one cares about us. We are forgotten people”. We want to prove to them that man may have forgotten them, but they are not forgotten by God.

So our teams have started another “Rescue Mission” to all these villages throughout June, July and August, to show that our concern for them is still a top priority, and to let them know that when the lockdown lifts we’ll be conducting village church services.
Our 7 Part Bible Study Course, “Venture into God’s Word (translated into Russian) is being taught to the older teenagers of the House of Hope who will be the visiting “shepherds” of these new village churches. They’ve already been recognised as their “rescuers”.

In a remote village in the Velyka Mykhailivka Region 130 kms NW of Odessa many orphans and destitute families were found. As in most of the other villages, when the children and teenagers were given Bibles, the people felt so “special” to have received a Bible. They were so open to receive the Gospel and were led into a relationship with Jesus on the spot.

  •  T..... 160 kms from Odessa, 80 Children & 30 Families were given Survival packs of food, hygiene products, basic medicines, and Bibles.
  • In the Lubashesky Region 80 kms from Odessa, 65 needy Children and 25 Families were provided for.
  • At B... 80 kms away 78 needy Children and 30 Families were provided for.
  • In the Ovidiopolsky Region near the House of Hope 72 displaced children & 30 needy families were provided for.
  • In the V....  79 children and 30 destitute families received survival packs and Bibles

Odessa Drug Rehab Centre

Our new Odessa Drug Rehab Centre, where teenagers coming off drugs and are separated from the younger children at the House of Hope, has needed to be fitted out with new cooking equipment and working facilities.