Here is our little Nica.

Meet Veronika: a child abandoned by an alcoholic mother she barely knew and left in the care of her ailing grandmother. Maternal love was an alien feeling for her. She often felt worthless and a burden to everyone;that no one cared or loved her.

Veronika She was six years old when her grandmother started bringing her to the church for feeding. She was such a pretty girl. We would lovingly call her a ‘talking doll’. Her grandmother made use of Nica to acquire food, clothing and anything else on offer. When Nica was seven, her grandmother died and she was taken in by theelderly neighbors.

A week later Nica’s mother, Tatiana, ended up at the hospital where she was diagnosed with an incurable liver disease. Her feet had tripled in size, and her liver had completely failed. It was obvious that she wouldn’t live long.

When our ministry staff came to visit Nica’s mother at the hospital she was already paralysed and could barely talk. Her skin was a terrible orange colour, and she was losing her mind. Our staff tried to share the Gospel with her and prayed with her. Amazingly, a few days later she felt better, and movement returned to her body. Consequently, she signed herself out of the hospital against the will of the doctors, and when she came home she asked to see Nica.

A few day slater we visited Tatiana again at her home. We talked and prayed with her for a long time. Veronica was not to stay with her mother, that was obvious to all. But if no one would take her then Nica would be placed into an orphanage. We asked many to stand with us in prayer believing that God would heal Tatiana. Slowly the situation began to change.

All of the sudden Tatiana started getting better – she was changing and fighting for her daughter. The Lord stepped in and the court ruled for a probation time for Nica to continue to stay with Tatiana.

Tatiana and Nica are together now. They come to worship the Lord while still coming for help at the Church. But their lives will never be the same. It is hard to know what future holds but up to now the Lord has helped them. From the death bed and hatred she once felt, Tatiana has recovered her health and her ability to love.

Thank you so much for making these changes possible through your diligent prayers and giving. We appreciate it very much. Please continue to pray for many others like Veronica.