Greetings from Latvia at this time.

This is my 10th time to conduct seminars to the Military of Latvia. The commanders asked me three years ago to come and do these seminars to an army under immense stress. I was asked, “Please prepare our troops for eternity and help them solve their family problems.” What a time I’ve had over the last three years bringing many into a vital relationship with Jesus and endeavoring to help them with their problems  The local chaplains are working overtime doing the follow-up work.

All this came about through supporting orphanages in this nation over the last 21 years. It’s amazing how a seemingly “side trip” from one’s destiny can turn out to be the main path for a long fruitful time.

For the last four days I have been crossing this Nation. The first day I did a seminar to the nation’s Military Police – a really tough bunch, followed by the National Guard Bases at Marupe and Ulbroaka out in the country (they were really responsive) and then an hour’s drive to the Air Force base to speak to the top guns on “Winning over Stress”. The next morning I addressed the new military officers on “Winning over Stress in their new top positions” and after that a discussion with the professors on how to arrange their training to be more effective. In the afternoon I did a seminar for the older National Guard inRiga, the capital.NationalOfficersAcademyand National Guard bases in Marupe

In a precious mid-week meeting at the Riga Word of Church so many responded to God’s word and His love.

The third day we drove two hours west from the Capital (Riga) to speak at the National Guard base in Saldus. Then another 1.5 hours to the naval base at Liepaja on the Baltic coast. After that the National Guard at Liepaja. In all these meetings so many have come to a deeper faith in the Lord.

On the fourth day I addressed two Infantry battalions at Latvia’s main military base on “Accomplishing your Dream in Life”. On the final Saturday I ministered at a Men’s Rally at the Baptist Church in Ogre near Riga, before flying out to the UK.

In the midst of all this I am checking in the needs of the orphanages we support in this nation, after the long icy winter they have endured – 7 months of snow and ice; the longest winter in 70 years. A number of orphanages we support need to have their heating systems replaced and we are very low on funds. Please pray for us. I’d appreciate that.

Love and blessings,

Dave Smethurst