I flew in to Riga, Latvia on Sunday evening from the UK and began ministry to the Latvian Military the next morning. I have been greatly privileged over the last 7 years to conduct outreach seminars to the NATO military, navy, air force, national guard and military police.

For these outreach seminars, I have used a PowerPoint presentation sermon (30 – 45 minute) with Latvian translation on the screen. My seminars this time have been entitled “Don’t give up – no matter what the circumstances” – I deliver these at slightly different levels for military personnel as opposed to teenagers.

The first seminar was on Monday morning 9.00am to the Military Police Guards and that was followed by a second seminar to be another military police group.

I then spoke to a small group of leaders at Battalion Military Headquarters -They sat around a table and watched the seminar, with movie clips, from my computer screen as I delivered the message of hope and salvation to them. What I didn’t know was that the senior commander of the military headquarters was there, taking it all in and urging his deputy commanders to accept and respond to the message.

After that I had the privilege of addressing two senior classes at the Teikas High School in outer Riga. They were incredibly attentive and readily received a challenge from God’s word.

Immediately following that we drove to Aluksne – 2.5 hours’ drive to this old military base adjoining a beautiful lake, which during the wintertime is frozen solid. This is a boot camp for training new military cadets, who aren’t hardened seasoned soldiers yet, and are sensitive and open to the gospel message.

At 6pm at the Aluksne Military Base – I addressed the first group of 60 new military cadets They were so open to the ministry of the word because they were new to the base and very apprehensive about the tough training program that lay ahead.

We enjoyed supper at the military base, eating with the soldiers. At 7.30pm at the same Aluksne Military base, I shared my seminar “Don’t give up” to a second group of new military cadets and delivered the gospel to them. Many came to the Lord. We then had the 2.5 hour drive back to the city of Riga.

The next morning the day began at Kegums High School in Ogre 45 minutes SE of Riga These high school students were incredibly disciplined and embraced the gospel very enthusiastically. Many came to me afterwards with questions or with thanks for speaking into areas of need they had.

A t 10:30am we were at the Lielvarde Air Force Base ministering to the top gun pilots, technicians and administrative workers who are amazing people, committed to protecting the airspace and the borders between Eastern European countries and Russia. We then had 10 minutes’ drive from the air force base to the little town of Ikškile.

It was very exciting to minister to the very artistic and creative senior students of Ikškile, High School who responded so well to the gospel message, and the encouragement of the seminar. There was a long line of students afterwards asking questions or requesting personal prayer.