I want to keep in touch in spite of all the travelling I’ve been doing lately. The Mission I had in Latvia was amazing. Thank you so much for your prayers. Hundreds of troops (commandos and navy seals) had the opportunity to receive Jesus.

I’ve just concluded another intense mission in Eastern Europe, conducting outreach seminars to the military, navy and air force in Latvia, ministering at youth rallies, church services, sports outreaches, and checking on the orphanages we support in this very needy part of the world.
So many people came to a vital faith in Jesus. My small team of Mark Edmonds from Brisbane and Tiffany Lavan from San Diego, together with our team of local workers were a huge blessing and help in their ministry to the orphanages, prisons and local churches.

The military, navy and air force are very conscious of the need of healing for the families who suffer when their men are away at war in Iraq and Afghanistan (a need I am asked to minister to) and the great need of preparing the men to face eternity with Jesus.

The local pastors are saying, “what a miracle that this request came from the top brass who’ve never cared about God.” I’m giving full on altar calls and the commandos and seals are standing at attention for prayer. You can see they are used to taking orders and responding quickly.

What a privilege to be in the right place at the right time for this. I sense that the care and support we give the poor and the orphans in Eastern Europe, has got their attention somehow and the doors have opened. Amazing!