Whenever the Apostle Paul in the book of Acts found himself in an unexpected place. God was about to cause something unusual to happen. God had given him a basic pattern of ministry, to travel, preach, win people to Christ, plant house churches, install leaders, build them up and then move on. There were four times when exercising his ministry he found himself in an unexpected place- in jail. In these unexpected, unpleasant places God used the crisis to mould a Christ-like character in Paul; He used the disadvantage to create his destiny, and caused the set-back to be a set-up for Paul’s future ministry. Actually during those four stints in jail Paul wrote his letters to the Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians and his letter to Philemon. These epistles have been a huge blessing to millions over the centuries. We might not have got those encouraging letters if Paul had not been in jail.
I think those setbacks we have can all be used to set us up to be a huge blessing to many if we handle it right, give God the glory and try not to be negative during that time of adversity.
Just recently a volcano in Iceland erupted and started sending cloud of volcanic ash into the atmosphere. That changed my schedule quite dramatically and put me in an unexpected place. All flights were grounded in UK and Europe that hindered me getting to Ukraine and Israel.

Water filters, blankets and clothing to the Orphanages

With the help of the men of the Staplehurst Evangelical Free Church and the A10 Mission Church we’ve just shipped a big consignment of 29 cases, boxes and bags of clothes, blankets and toys. What a job orchestrating this but it is worth it for the health and wellbeing of these needy 5,500 children, as well as the poor of these nations who are being reached through the humanitarian aid outreach.

The Humanitarian Aid Outreach in Latvia has proved extremely successful over the past six months with thousands of now poor people (as a result of the dire financial crises in Eastern Europe) pouring into the church for food and clothing. We have been able to help substantially with this, and have seen hundreds come to the Lord each week and decide to stay in the church. The local church has grown and the youth and children’s work have exploded, all because of helping the poor who can’t help themselves.